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Pediatric Audiology Receives Generous Donation from Catalyst Club

The Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology received a large gift from the Catalyst Club to support pediatric audiology's Hearing Aid and Assistive Devices Loaner Program. Through this program, devices will be used as long-term loaners in cases of insurance companies not covering the appropriate technology. The devices will also be used as short-term replacements when a device is damaged or new technology is needed, and insurance negotiation is required, so a child's ability to hear doesn't lapse. Finally, the devices will be used to demonstrate the difference appropriate hearing aids make in a child's life when parents, or in some cases schools, are reluctant to set aside significant resources for this equipment.

The Catalyst Club's gift has provided our pediatric audiology program with the resources needed to acquire a significant allotment of hearing aids and assistive devices for immediate use with patients. It also provides the flexibility to address unanticipated or uncommon needs for children as they arise.