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February 1, 2006

Out of the mouths of experts: 2006 Women's Health and Fitness Day

Free, community education event teaches gamut of women's health issues

ANN ARBOR, MI – From sexuality to infertility, financial planning and learning to take care of an elderly parent, a woman’s biology and her socio-cultural, economic and physical environments are factors that affect both the duration and quality of her life.

WHFD LogoFrom the University of Michigan Medical School comes the unique opportunity to learn about these factors affecting women of all ages – and many more – during the second Women's Health and Fitness Day, a free event open to the public on Saturday, Feb. 11, in the Michigan League Ballroom.

The event will begin with registration and breakfast at 8:30 a.m., followed by morning and afternoon workshops presented by University of Michigan Health System experts in their respective fields. Participants may choose from 30 workshops to attend; two in the morning and two in the afternoon.

Morning workshops

Is it hot in here or is it just me?” with Liselle Douyon, M.D., an endocrinologist and clinical assistant professor in the Department of Internal Medicine. Topics include changing hormones, the controversy over hormone replacement therapy and putting an end to hot flashes.

Breast cancer basics,” with Lisa Newman, M.D., M.P.H., FACS, a surgical oncologist, associate professor of surgery and director of the U-M Breast Care Center. Topics include breast cancer-self-exams, diagnosis and treatment, and how to deal with breast cancer your self or help a friend.

Are you getting taller or am I getting shorter?” with Diana Rose, MFit health and wellness specialist. Topics include how exercise and diet can prevent low bone mass or diminish current symptoms, and instruction on fun exercises you can do at home to prevent and decrease osteoporosis.

Heart healthy,” with Claire Duvernoy, M.D., assistant professor of Internal Medicine's Division of Cardiology and director of the Women’s Heart Program. Topics include the epidemic of heart disease in women and what women can do to lower their risk, and the tests and treatments for women at risk for or diagnosed with heart disease.

Sex matters for women,” presented in the morning and afternoon, with Lori Hollander, will focus on the full potential of a woman's body and the way it really works, methods of effective communication, and the exploration of cultural biases that will help women access the kind of intimacy and sexual pleasure they desire.

Making exercise work for you,” with Dana Zink, R.N. Participants will learn how to find the balance between living a hectic life and finding time for fitness.

Eating healthy on a tight budget,” with Debra Peterman, R.D., a nutritionist at the U-M General Clinical Research Center, will sift through nutrition mis-information and uncover common-sense advice on the care and feeding of the human body. Participants will learn about foods that provide the most value for their cost, foods that drain both our budget and our health, and foods that are not really foods at all.

Hiding in plain sight: staying safe in relationships,” with Elizabeth M. Shadigian, M.D., will explore safety in interpersonal relationships, including early signs of a partner’s controlling behavior and red flags of abuse. This will be an interactive session with role-playing and real-life discussions.

Why can I never find my keys?” with Mary Rumman, M.S.W., LMSW, will discuss the changes in our memory through mid-life and beyond. She’ll teach techniques to keep your memory sharp in your work and home life, and describe how memory works and the factors that impact it. 

Using art to manage stress,” with Shannon Scott-Miller, board certified art therapist at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital and the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center will explore various ways to use line, shape and color as a way to express thoughts and feelings. Participants will have the opportunity to use various art media and participate in a hands-on project.

Living healthy for two,” with Kristie Keeton, M.D., MPH. Participants will learn about physical activity, mental health, things to avoid, and eating during pregnancy.

Exploring the healing foods pyramid,” with Monica Myklebust, M.D. Participants will learn how to look at the foods we eat every day in a new way, and learn how to use the Healing Foods Pyramid as a nutritional tool. This workshop will discuss healing foods, plant-based choices, variety and balance, support of a healthful environment and mindful eating.
Yay, it’s yoga!” with Jacqueleen Magon, M.D. Participants will learn how and what yoga postures can alleviate the symptoms related to the menstrual cycle and menopause, and how Yoga can deepen and balance the relationship with their inner rhythms.

Does cranberry juice really work? The truth about UTIs,” with Lona Mody M.B.B.S. Participants will learn how to prevent and treat urinary tract infection - a common condition, and will offer an opportunity for participants to get answers to their questions.

Planning your financial health,” with Phil Zepeda, CFP, ATA, will teach participants about the 12-step path to financial fulfillment.  From tracking expenses to what to do in an emergency, participants will learn straightforward advice on how best to manage their money.

Afternoon workshops

The patch, the pill and that pesky PMS,” with Vanessa Dalton, M.D., MPH. Participants will learn about the many options for oral contraception. 
Facing infertility,” with Senait Fisseha M.D., J.D. Participants will learn about an important issue that affects approximately 15 percent of couples of reproductive age: infertility risk factors, diagnosis and treatment, and an overview of assisted reproductive technologies and other options to expand a family.

Soft as a baby’s bottom or wrinkly as a prune, it’s your skin,” with Charles Boyd, M.D., assistant professor in facial plastic surgery in both the Departments of Dermatology and Otolaryngology. Participants will learn about how skin ages and what they can do to take care of it while still having fun in the sun.

Diabetes: from prevention to control,” with Roma Gianchandani, M.D., clinical instructor in the Department of Internal Medicine and director of the Inpatient Hyperglycemia Service. Participants will learn about the different types of diabetes, why more and more adults are developing it and what you can do to prevent it.

Self management of depression,” with Julie Kuebler, M.S., APRN, BC and Charlotte Allport, M.S., APRN, BC, will teach participants how to recognize common symptoms of depression, understand current medical treatment of depression and teach depression self-management skills that focus on healthy behavior change that contributes to successful treatment of depression and prevention of recurrences and relapse.

Herbs aren’t just for cooking anymore!” with Sara Warber, M.D. Determining how to fit herbs into your current health routine can be overwhelming.  Participants will learn which ones are safe and effective and which aren’t worth their money.

A picture of health: guided imagery for relaxation, health & wellness,” with Claire Casselman, clinical social work manager. Participants will learn about guided imagery - a simple process that uses the imagination to communicate with the body in a way that supports its natural state of wellness during this informational and briefly experiential session.

Stop a stroke before a stroke stops you,” with Jennifer Majersik, M.D. Participants will learn what they can do to prevent stroke, risk factors associated with stroke and how they can reduce risk, and what is currently known about the role of migraines, birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy in stroke.

Lesbian and bisexual health care,” with Caren Stalburg, M.D.

Prunes, polyps and prevention, oh my!” with Leslie Aldrich, M.D. Participants will learn about how diet, exercise, and other substances present in our surroundings can be altered to decrease their risk of getting colorectal cancer.

From Atkins to the Zone: Fad diets,” with Elif Oral, M.D. Participants will explore the science behind the hype, including answering some key questions: What are these diets? Is Atkins new, or just a recycled concept? How do low-carb and low fat diets differ? What works? What doesn't? Is it the foods you eat, or the calories they contain?

Emotional eating,” with Marilyn Migliore, M.S., R.D., C.S.W., will explore the emotional connections that people have to food. She will help participants to identify core reasons for over eating, recognize triggers that lead to a binge, and ways to break the cycle of emotional eating.

Finding the power to quit,” with Linda Thomas, M.S., program manager for the Tobacco Consultation Service, will discuss the body, the mind and the social reasons people use nicotine and its effects, and what you can do to help themselves or a loved one give up tobacco for good.

Caring for an elderly parent,” with Lourdes Velez, M.D. This can be an emotionally difficult time as parents go through changes in independence and ability.  Participants will learn how to approach this topic, what options are available to senior citizens, and how best to care for an elderly parent.

Those who wish to attend must register online at The first 300 registered participants to arrive at the event will receive a free tote bag and free gifts. All registered participants will be entered in a free prize drawing. Breakfast and lunch are complimentary. Registrants also may order a WHFD T-shirt online for $10.

Attendees must be age 15 or older. Though the topics are focused on women, men also are encouraged to attend. Parking is $5 for the event in the Thayer Street structure but vouchers are available. For registration information, call 1-800-742-2300, ext. 1015.

Written by Jessica Soulliere


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