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June 15, 2006

U-M offers chemotherapy, infusion services in Canton

Detroit-area cancer patients can receive U-M treatment closer to home

ANN ARBOR, MI – Cancer treatment is draining enough on its own, without worrying about piling on the miles driving to and from the doctor’s office to receive chemotherapy drugs. To make that aspect more convenient for some patients and to accommodate growing demand for cancer care, the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center now offers chemotherapy infusion in Canton.

Canton Health CenterCanton infusion services opened Monday, June 12, at the U-M Health System’s Canton Health Center, which is located at 1051 N. Canton Center Rd., off Interstate-275 near Ford Road. The new space includes six infusion chairs, with capacity to expand to nine.

“We know that our patients are looking for care closer to home, and we know that approximately 15 percent of our infusion patients come from the I-275 corridor,” says Douglas Blayney, M.D., medical director of the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center. “While cancer treatment is complex, new procedures make it safe to administer chemotherapy at satellite centers. We hope the expansion into Canton will make treatment a little easier on our Detroit-area patients and those patients whose primary care doctors already practice at the U-M Canton Health Center.”

In addition, Canton infusion center will help relieve scheduling pressures at the Cancer Center’s main infusion clinic. The Cancer Center has seen approximately 15 percent growth per year in its infusion services from 1998 to 2004. In fiscal year 2005, it performed 38,394 infusion procedures.

The Canton infusion center is staffed by U-M Cancer Center nurses who have transferred from the Ann Arbor infusion clinics. A physician assistant is also on site, and a limited physician presence will be added later this year. Patients will continue to see their oncology doctor at the main Cancer Center in Ann Arbor. Primary care, cardiology and other specialty services will continue as before in Canton.

The Canton infusion center includes an infusion pharmacy, with a registered pharmacist and technician on site. Patients are also able to have blood drawn and analyzed at Canton. Patients will need a referral from their U-M oncologist to receive infusion at the Canton center. Pediatric patients and patients receiving medications on clinical trials will not be eligible for treatment at Canton.

Blayney expects a range of cancer patients could be treated in Canton, particularly those who require daily infusions. Depending on the type of cancer, chemotherapy may be given anywhere from once a day to once every two or three weeks.

Canton infusion services are available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Written by Nicole Fawcett

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