More Information About... ACCESS TO CLINICAL UNITS

REQUIRED READING: Access to clinical units is meant to be on clinical days and times as planned in your curriculum. Should you need to return to the unit for other clinical purposes, this should be cleared with the corresponding clinical faculty for the course. If you are visiting someone on the unit, you need to follow/request admittance to the unit using the visitors procedures for that unit, including the standards for locked units. Please remember that issues related to HIPAA and safety as well as other considerations may be involved.

More Information About... SIGNATURE MANAGER

Refers to documentation in UM-CareLink.

More Information About... INFLUENZA

As the number of influenza cases in our area drops, the need to require unvaccinated faculty, staff, trainees, volunteers and contractors to wear masks has waned. Therefore, if you have been wearing a mask during face-to-face patient interactions because you were not vaccinated against the flu, this is the official "masks off" message. Effective immediately, protective flu mask NO LONGER need to be worn in clinical settings.



Access to clinical systems (private health information) is prohibited from home or outside the clinical areas.

More Information About... PARKING

A signed parking form is not required to obtain a parking permit. Parking Services maintains a list of current students and instructors. Parking in visitor lots is NOT permitted. Only orange parking passes are available to students.


Required activities will be added to your Learning Plan in MLearning based on your student type. Please read the information on page 2 of the Institutional Requirement List, for instructions related to missing activities.

Students and Instructors must complete all required learning modules in MLearning prior to the start of their clinical rotation.

Once you have completed the required activities on your Learning Plan, please click on the blue Transcript tab at the top of the Learning Plan page. Print your transcript and submit this to your instructor.

Graduate students must fax their Transcript directly to the Clinical Placement Office at (734)764-5316.


Each instructor must validate student compliance to the UMHHC Institutional Requirements.

When your students have completed all of the institutional requirements, please review their printed MLearning transcript.

Once you have verified all transcripts are complete, please sign and mail the form to: Professional Development and Education (address is on the form).

You do not need to mail the printed transcripts.

More Information About... INSTRUCTOR CONTACT FORM

Please provide the unit with your contact information using the "Instructor Contact" form.

More Information About... GLUCOMETER TESTING

The Point of Care Glucometer Testing competency is required for all students who will be performing glucose testing. In addition to the course in MLearning, all students must complete a demonstration with their instructor. A check-list for this is provided in MLearning course Nurs-10743. Please have your students sign the "Glucometer Testing Participant Record" and send the form to PD&E so that we can enter the data into MLearning.

Students will type their 8 digit UMID number into the glucometer when performing point of care testing.

More Information About... UMHS ID CARDS

Students and instructors must have a valid UMHS MCard ID at all times in the clinical areas.

UM students: U of M campus MCard IDs will not give access to the necessary areas within the Health System. You mustobtain a UMHS MCard ID.

School of nursing instructors are the designated signers on the ID Card Request Form. Instructors must:

  1. Sign their name on the line under "Authorized Representative".
  2. Check the boxes indicating the affiliation as a University of Michigan Hospital and Health Center (UMHHC) student or a student from another school and the reason for the request, i.e., New.
  3. Fill in the name of the school on the space provided for "Department Name".

All required information, including the UMID or uniqname must be filled in on the form prior to arriving at the Key/ID Office. Each student/instructor must have a completed ID form to take to the Key/ID Office. If there are any questions on completing the form, please contact the Key/ID Office at 734.763-6376 or the ID Station Manager at 734.763.4741.

Special Access: Students will not be given access to restricted areas within the Health System (e.g., the psych units, ORs) and some areas (e.g. unit locker rooms) require additional access approval. Students working on a unit that requires additional access approval, must ask the unit to email the Key/ID Office at to grant authorization. Instructors are to give the unit a list of the student names and uniqnames. When the unit submits this to the Key/ID Office for authorization, the access will be granted remotely.