Interoperability • Sustainability • Functionality • Seamlessness • Innovation • Meaningful Use

Committees, Initiatives, and Partnerships


Bedside Interoperability Group
Marna Flaherty-Robb, MSN, CNS, RN, Chair
Thomas Holevinski, PhD, Chair

Downtime Planning and Communication
Pat Schmidt, MS, RN, Chair

MiChart Leadership Team Committee
MiChart (link accessible via UMHS network or VPN)

MiChart Nursing Subcommittee
Marna Flaherty-Robb, MSN, CNS, RN
Leah Shever, PhD, RN
Margay Britton, MSN, RN, NEA-BC
Melissa Manley, RN, MSN
Pat Schmidt, MS, RN
MiChart Nursing Rollout Updates (link accessible via UMHS network or VPN)

Nursing Informatics Management Group

Nursing Governance/Professional Practice Model
(links accessible via UMHS network or VPN)

Nursing Model of Care
Nursing at Michigan Governance Structure: Gateway Committee
Nursing at Michigan Governance Structure: Research and Translation Committee


Informatics Researchers
Kai Zheng, PhD
Julia Adler-Milstein, PhD
Marceline Harris, PhD, RN
Dana Tschannen, PhD, RN
Allen Flynn, PharmD


Health Informatics Programs
Urgent/Emergent Communication Initiatives
Electronic Health Record
Monitor Replacement
Central Monitoring

Nursing Information Management Accomplishments



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