Nursing Information Services brings together professional nursing practice process understanding and technology to address the information technology needs for clinical, administrative and research processes.

Nursing Information Services (NIS) Staff

Rob Wonnacott, MSN, RN

Manager of Nursing Information Systems

Manages the administrative and operational activities of the NIS department. He leads many major programs for Nursing such as the call light system, physiological monitors, secondary notification system, pagers, phones, scheduling and payroll system, etc. He represents the department on hospital committees and other activities ensuring collaboration with hospital-wide groups for systematic and programmatic developments.

Focus on quality and patient safety when implementing and adopting technology in the nursing practice environments and the impact on clinical and organizational outcomes is a key focus. In his practice area, he examines technologies that are necessary to support effective communication, efficient and safe care delivery, as well as those used for administrative processes.

Antoinette Bragg

Data Coordinator (User Liaison/Coordinator)

Responsible for coordinating data preparation & reporting for management with the Call Light, OneStaff, and other systems within the NIS department. She develops and generates programs/process for tracking, writing, and analyzing data.

Kathy Dunnuck, BFA, BSN, RN

Registered Nurse - Informatics

Holds role of Nursing Webmaster, where she makes information of value available to UMHS Nurses, such as policies, procedures, skills, newsworthy events, etc., via an intranet website. She also oversees the nursing internet, providing nursing news, etc. to a world-wide audience. Additionally, she assumes other nursing informatics projects.

David Jerkins, BSN, RN

Clinical Senior Business Analyst

Works collaboratively with Biomedical Engineering, MCIT, and Nursing Services to coordinate and integrate new technology at the bedside while improving overall workflow. Facilitates training, quality and safety while supporting implementations across the organization. Other responsibilities include oversight of all cardiac monitors, pulse oximetry devices, SANS, pager notifications, escalation standards, phones and other communication devices. Liaison to Nursing Services providing data interpretation via technology to improve outcomes, generate efficiencies and increase overall satisfaction. Participates on a wide variety of hospital committees, ensuring safety standards are met while introducing new technology.

Sharon Sheets

Training Specialist Senior

Provides training for new Administrative Assistants and conducts ongoing training of all AAs on the inpatient units. Conducts audits for payroll, HR and Blue Folder accuracy and compliance. She coordinates a team of experienced Administrative Assistants who identify issues requiring problem solving.

Jennifer Siev, BSN, RN

Clinical Senior Business Analyst

Oversees and coordinates Prospect: Nursing Essentials benchmarking program, a part of the Children’s Hospital Association. This program provides comparative information on patient care staffing, hospital resource utilization, and patient populations and provided services. She collects data information through discussions with nurse managers, nursing department paid hours reports, and hospital census information. This program allows her to benchmark specific patient care queries with other hospitals. She develops and provides formal education for the One Staff program. This includes education for first time users (Administrative Assistants, Nursing Supervisors, Nurse Managers and RN schedulers), program upgrades, revisions of code definitions and development and revision of One Staff job aides. She assumes other responsibilities that include quality assurance activities and participates in hospital wide committees. She is also a member of the Web Advisory Committee.

Julie Wash

Administrative Assistant Senior

Responsible for back-up and support to OneStaff Coordinators, report production, interface file development, and supporting NIS manager.





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