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UMHS BSN Student Nurse Extern Program
Info for incoming 2014 Extern Applicants

Target Audience: UMHS Nursing Students and prospective externs from other schools
Author/Contact:Externship Team
Webmaster: Irene Knokh
Last reviewed date: May 21, 2014

We selected Externs for this year's program. Please contact us in late October 2014 regarding Externship 2015. Thank you!

Program requirements:

  1. Current enrollment in a BSN nursing program with the goal of becoming a RN
  2. Completion of junior level clinical requirements
  3. Completion of a minimum of three (3) clinical rotations by program start date
  4. Status: within 1 year of graduating from the nursing program
  5. An overall GPA of 3.0 or higher (we DO NOT require Fall 2013 grades)
  6. Use your unoffical transcript and check the layout to make sure that it's clearly readable
  7. Two recommendation forms from nursing faculty. ONE (1) of the forms MUST be from your clinical instructor
  8. Students with an interest in a Pediatric placement: completion of at least one clinical experience in a pediatric acute care hospital setting
  9. Prepare a resume along with a professional statement
  10. Please review the application requirements very carefully
  11. Line up your references in advance! Have a back up reference if needed.

BSN clinical care areas

Take a look at UMHS units/areas

Program Staff

Target Audience: Prospective Student Nurse Externs | Author/Contact: Externship Team
Irene Knokh (734-763-8035) | Last review date: May 21, 2014