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Whether you are just starting your career with us or have been here for a long time, you will find opportunity and support for your goals. Designed by nurses, for nurses, the Professional Development Framework is founded on the principle of abundance in recognition of the powerful role that nurses play in our world class Health System.

WHAT’S NEW:  We are excited to announce 2 new levels in the Professional Development Framework and Role Specific Advancement Model (RSAM) for nurses with a master’s degree:

  1. Level F for Framework
  2. Mastery Plus for RSAM


As you consider applying for advancement:

All nurses applying for advancement in the Professional Development Framework & Role Specific Advancement Model are asked to “Declare their intent to apply” (per Contract Language).  If you have any questions, please contact us or email directly.

A Framework/RSAM coach is available to assist you with your application process, including portfolio elements as well as getting ready for your interview with the Central Committee review panel. Please access the coach by emailing To read more about our coach process, please go to the Coach section on the Tools & Resources page


The Professional Development Framework/RSAM Team

From Left to Right: Mary Anne Brancheau (Program Lead), Judy Bliss (Executive Associate), and Joanne Hazelton (Framework/RSAM Coach)


Contact Us

We invite your thoughts, feedback, questions and comments related to the Professional Development Framework and Role Specific Advancement Model! 

Please contact Mary Anne Brancheau, BSN, RN-BC at
(734) 232-1091 or email

Our Framework/RSAM Office Location
University of Michigan Health System
Professional Development and Education
300 N. Ingalls St.
6th Floor B Wing, Rm. 6B04
Ann Arbor, MI. 48109-5436

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