BSN Student Nurse Extern Program

Program Requirements

The 2018 program application is closed. Applications for the summer 2019 program will be accepted in November/December 2018.



  1. Current enrollment in a traditional BSN nursing program
  2. Graduation date: December 2019 or Spring 2020
  3. Completion of junior level clinical requirements
  4. Completion of a minimum of three (3) clinical rotations by program start date (May 2019)
  5. Students with an interest in a Pediatric placement: completion of at least one clinical experience in a pediatric acute care hospital setting
  6. An overall 3.0 GPA or higher
  7. Clearly readable unofficial transcript (does not need to include fall 2018 grades)
  8. Two recommendation forms from nursing faculty. ONE (1) of the forms must be from a clinical instructor
  9. The faculty forms must be submitted in the application program (College Net)
  10. Resume
  11. Professional Statement of Interest


  • Adult Critical Care
  • Adult Acute Care
  • Pediatric Critical Care
  • Pediatric Acute Carel


Contact Us

Mary Anne V. Brancheau, BSN, RN-BC
Educational Nurse Coordinator
Professional Development and Education
Office: 734-232-1091

Mark Erber, MSN, RN
Staff Specialist
Professional Development and Education
Office: 734-232-0701

















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