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Skill Lab Guidelines*

SKill Lab Guidelines/Sessions @ http://www.med.umich.edu/nursing-PDE/cno/sessions.html#skilllab
  1. Skill Lab A is required for RN/LPNs and some topics for APs, as requested by unit/department (see schedule for requirements).
  2. Skill lab B and C are only offered to RN/LPNs.
  3. These sessions are required for units utilizing the equipment covered in the various sessions.

Skill Lab Sessions


Skill Lab A

  • Ergonomics lecture
  • Safe patient handling with non-motorized lift/friction reduction devices
  • Restraint lecture, including alternatives, then hands-on with soft wrist restraints
  • Glucometer lecture, hands-on for APs (may also have RNs in attendance)
  • Alaris Pumps lecture with hands on
  • Oxygen therapies lecture

Skill Lab B

  • Glucometer lecture, hands-on for RNs/LPNs
  • PCA pump lecture, then hands on

Skill Lab C

  • Vascular Access overview
  • Hands on Central Lines dressing changes

*Labs A, B, and C may change in flow depending on number of new hires.

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