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If you are a Michigan Medicine employee going to an external nursing school and in need of a Michigan Medicine clinical placement, please be aware that all placements must be coordinated through the Clinical Placement Office. Please secure a preceptor prior to contacting our office.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the increasing number of grad student placement needs at Michigan Medicine, we are no longer able to automatically place graduate students from external schools. Graduate nursing students will be clinically placed at Michigan Medicine with the priority being to place UM School of Nursing Ann Arbor and Michigan Medicine Employee students that go to external schools. Consideration will also be given to UM School of Nursing Flint students. It is Michigan Medicines goal to place as many graduate students as possible, but we are currently not able to meet the demands. Graduate nursing students will be clinically placed at Michigan Medicine according to the following priority:

  • 1 ST PRIORITY UMSN Ann Arbor Students & Michigan Medicine Employees Attending External Schools
  • 2 ND PRIORITY UM School of Nursing Flint Students
  • 3 RD PRIORITY Non-Employees Attending External Schools

We do not clinically place visiting observer or shadow experience requests. Please contact the unit/area for further information. You and the unit/area must follow all policy guidelines.

External Link: Visiting Observer Policy





If you are an employee and attend an external school of nursing (SON), please follow the icon link below. This will take you to the affliation page for detailed information on obtaining an affiliation agreement between your school and Michigan Medicine. There are specific timelines that must be followed due to the length of time typically needed to secure the agreement.


Please be aware that University of Michigan School of Nursing students receive first priority for preceptor placements within Michigan Medicine.

Once you have identified a preceptor, all course material must be reviewed and approved by that individual. Clinical hours should be arranged directly with the preceptor. The Clinical Placement Office must receive confirmation from the preceptor that an arrangement has been made to work with you. Please send confirmation of your arrangement with a preceptor to Jole' Mowry at


All clinical placement requests must be submitted through the Alliance for Clinical Experience Matching and Placement Program (ACEMAPP). ACEMAPP is a secure, online clinical education platform. You will be completing a profile and a number of forms and requirements which are necessary for your upcoming clinical experience(s). Learn more or get started at

ACEMAPP compliance requirements include immunizations, Flu vaccine, TB screening, BLS certification, Background Checks and Drug Screens. In addition, all Non-Michigan Medicine employee students must complete Michigan Medicine institutional requirements modules in ACEMAPP.


As a student, you may require additional access to our clinical systems. This access is processed by Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) through our Secure Portal System. Each school of nursing that participates in clinical placements with Michigan Medicine must have a registrar or designee identified who can upload student information into the Secure Portal System. Please have your school of nursing contact the April Stingo at to begin the process of obtaining access to our Secure Portal System. Additionally, please provide your SON with your UMID and uniqname so that your Social Security Number will not be required by the school for entering your information into the Secure Portal System.


Each clinical nursing student at Michigan Medicine must complete a group of institutional requirements prior to the start of your clinical practicum. Required learning activities include training to the electronic health record (MiChart) in MLearning and institutional requirements in ACEMAPP. Your ability to begin your clinical hours may be delayed if these requirements are not complete prior to your start date.

All clinical placement requests must be submitted through the Alliance for Clinical Experience Matching and Placement Program (ACEMAPP).


You will be asked to indicate your employee status in your ACEMAPP profile.

If you must be a FULL-TIME employee for the following to be marked as complete in ACEMAPP:

  1. All Michigan Medicine required courses (you must be up-to-date with your institutional requirements in MLearning) 
  2. ACEMAPP OSHA, HIPAA, and BBP courses 
  3. Background check/drug screen requirement

Health requirements (vaccines and TB test) and BLS cannot be waived and must be entered into ACEMAPP by your school.


All required MiChart training will be found in MLearning on your Learning Plan.


If you are an employee at Michigan Medicine you will have a dual account in MiChart. You must choose which role you are functioning in upon login, which will allow you to access all pertinent tools for that role.




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Professional Development and Education
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Jole' Mowry, MS, BSN, RN
Clinical Placement Clinical Lead
Educational Nurse Specialist
Contact Regarding Undergrad Scheduling,
Faculty Orientation, and Grad Preceptor Approvals
Phone: 734-232-1131

April Stingo, BS
Clinical Placement Process Lead
Contact Regarding the Process
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