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Neurology Residency Training Program

Eunice Abrams

Eunice Abrams
Undergrad: University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Med School: University of Iowa
Current Subspecialty Interests: Movement Disorders, Stroke, Epilepsy

I chose the University of Michigan because of the great location, great teaching, and friendly staff. There is broad exposure to neurological diseases. In Ann Arbor, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. I also enjoy the many children’s playgrounds, the children’s museum, and the many child-related activities.

One Thing You Should Know: I have twin daughters and I am very proud of them.


Nicholas Beimer

Nicholas Beimer (co-chief resident)
Undergrad: Kalamazoo College
Med school: Wayne State University School of Medicine
Post-Graduate Plans: Clinical Neurophysiology (Epilepsy) fellowship, University of Michigan

I came to the University of Michigan for the residency program and for the city of Ann Arbor. Being a life-long Michigander, staying in Michigan close to family was important to me. I discovered after I came that Ann Arbor is an awesome city! There are tons of restaurants and things to do outdoors. As an institution, University of Michigan has every subspecialty area of Neurology well-represented, allowing for a broad exposure during residency. My favorite thing about the program is the people. I really enjoy all of my coworkers (attendings, fellows, residents, and students included). My favorite thing about Ann Arbor is walking and kayaking along the river at Gallup Park, taking a scenic drive between Ann Arbor and Dexter along West Huron River Drive, and getting dinner on Main Street (followed by ice cream). I'm married to a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation resident here at U of M and we have a daughter together. Ann Arbor is a great place to have a family.
One Thing You Should Know: I'm a huge car enthusiast. I used to have a go-kart when I was younger and I've been to the drag races quite a few times. It's also nice that Car and Driver as well as Road and Track magazines are both based in Ann Arbor! It's fun to occasionally see the latest and greatest supercars driving down the streets where you live and work.

Theme Song: “Amber” by 311


Eric Beltran
Erik Beltran
Undergrad: Creighton University
Masters in Neuroscience: Loyola University
Med School: Univeristy of Illinois - Chicago
Current Subspecialty Interests: Stroke, Sports Neurology

I chose the University of Michigan for the patient population and variety. Faculty and staff are friendly and supportive. It is a great environment to learn in. I am very impressed by how receptive the faculty is and how much they are willing to help you develop into a great neurologist. This program’s #1 priority is its residents and it takes pride in helping us achieve success. In Ann Arbor, I have been known to enjoy a beer (or two) on the patios of the various restaurants in the downtown area.

One Thing You Should Know: I am a huge Cubs fan and grew up near the ballpark in Chicago.

Theme Song: I have always wanted to walk down the hall on rounds with my team to the song “Pick Up The Pieces” by Average White Band.


Jeanie Cote

Jeanie Cote (co-chief resident)
Undergrad: Michigan State University
Med School: Wayne State
Post-Graduate Plans: Neuroimmunology fellowship, University of Michigan

Since I’ve spent my whole life in southeast Michigan, my plan was to escape to a new destination for my residency. That all changed after my interview at the University of Michigan. I was completely drawn in by the personalities I met. Everyone was warm, genuine, and approachable. That was very important to me, since  these were the people I would be calling at 2 am and the people I would work with day after day. The diversity of pathology, wide availability of research opportunities, high faculty-to-resident ratio (3:1) and the strong emphasis on teaching were also important. My co-residents have become some of my closest friends, which makes a hard day still a fun day. I enjoy the many learning opportunities through the diversity of cases seen on the wards, inpatient consultations, and clinic. Localization rounds are a blast as well. In Ann Arbor, I like wandering downtown to browse the eclectic shops and have a unique cocktail.

One Thing You Should Know: I harbor a secret desire to be a meteorologist.

Theme Song: “Angel Eyes” by Love and Theft

Asim Haque

Asim Haque
Undergrad: Tulane University
Med School: Ole Miss
Ph.D.: Washington University in St. Louis. 
M.P.H.: Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Post-Graduate Plans: Neurophysiology (Epilepsy) fellowship



Ryan Jacobson
Ryan Jacobson
Undergrad:  Washington University
Med School: University of Illinois
Post-graduate plans: Neuromuscular fellowshp

I chose the University of Michigan for residency because of the high quality of the faculty and their dedication to teaching residents and students. I also liked that this was a large department with good exposure to all subspecialties of neurology. My favorite thing about the program is spending time and working with intelligent, funny co-residents. I also enjoy trying espresso at all the many coffee shops in Ann Arbor

Theme Song: “Chelsea Dagger” by the Fratellis

Nicole Karis

Nicole Karis
Undergrad: Notre Dame
Med School: St. Louis University
Post-Graduate Plans: Sports Neurology fellowship, University of Michigan

I chose University of Michigan because I thought it was the perfect combination between world-class faculty and feeling at home with the other residents. I didn’t sense that combination at the many other programs I visited. The approachability of the faculty is my favorite part. You are encouraged to call the faculty by their first names. I have many of their cell phone numbers in my phone and know many of their spouses and children. It’s important to choose a program that you both believe in for the reputation and merits of training as well as love for the comfort and ease of the people. I only found that one place: here.

One Thing You Should Know: I love classic literature and used books. I cannot walk into a book store without buying multiple books, even though I have an entire bookshelf full of books I have not read.

Theme Song: “New Shoes” by Paolo Nutini


Abbey Lecso
Abbey Lecso

Undergrad: University of Michigan
Med School: University of Toledo
Current Subspecialty Interests: Sleep Medicine (though I am keeping an open mind)

I went to the University of Michigan for undergraduate and to the University of Toledo for medical school. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to stay in the area for residency, but the interview day and dinner won me over in the end! I felt like I could see myself working well with everyone I met. It was my top choice and it feels great to be back in Ann Arbor! My colleagues are all incredibly smart! In Ann Arbor, my favorite things include kayaking on the river, eating at all the great restaurants downtown, and Michigan football in the fall.

One Thing You Should Know: I really enjoy antiquing! I once won tickets to Antiques Roadshow and drove 8 hours to get there only to be told that my item was a fake.

Theme Song: “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys (imagine the scene from the movie This is the End)


Mollie McDermott
Mollie McDermott
Undergrad:  Mount Holyoke College
Med School:  Dartmouth
Current Subspecialty Interests: I have not yet decided upon a single subspecialty, but it will be something CNS-y.

I chose the University of Michigan because I felt like I fit right in with all of the faculty and residents I met on my interview day. I liked the structure of the program, and it has a great reputation. And Ann Arbor is pretty universally thought of as a great place to live. I love my co-residents and the faculty are fun, approachable, and ridiculously good at what they do. In Ann Arbor, I like going to the Ark for folk concerts, going to German Park, and going to sleep.

One Thing You Should Know: I take the New York Times daily crossword puzzle way too seriously.

Theme Song: “If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands”

Brandon Moss
Brandon Moss
Undergrad: University of Texas - Austin
Med School: University of Texas – San Antonio
Current Subspecialty Interests: Undecided

I will always be a Texan at heart, but I chose the University of Michigan because of the people. I interviewed at many excellent programs that, like University of Michigan, had renowned faculty, well-developed research programs, and excellent clinical training, but the University of Michigan was the best fit. Everyone I met was kind and welcoming, and I thought I would be the happiest here over the next 4 years. I love the people I work with. This is a relaxed and supportive environment, and your fellow residents and staff become more like family than colleagues. Ann Arbor is a college town with many young professionals, great restaurants, and an active social scene. TMAZ Taqueria is one of my favorite places. It is a little hint of Texas so far from home.

One Thing You Should Know: I love to sing. I try to hide it, but it comes out in the shower, on car rides, and at the end of the night when I’m out with friends.

Theme Song: “Beer, Bait, and Ammo” by Kevin Fowler


Andrew Mundwiler
Andrew Mundwiler
Undergrad: Calvin College
Med School: Chicago Medical Scohol at Rosalind Franklin University
Current Subspecialty Interests: Neuromuscular or Ataxia

I chose the University of Michigan because the facility in general is superb. The caliber and scope of the faculty were impressive, and so were the residents. I have loved working with and learning from the faculty. Across the board, they’re great. I was attracted to Ann Arbor as a place to live as well. Football season is my favorite thing about Ann Arbor.

One Thing You Should Know: I have never seen an episode of the Simpsons.

Theme Song: I would steal it from The New Adventures of the Gummi Bears.


Emily Nurre
Emily Nurre
Undergrad: The Ohio State University
Med School: The Ohio State University
Current Subspecialty Interests: Undecided

When I interviewed at the University of Michigan, I discovered a great balance of excellent clinical training and cutting-edge research. It was apparent that attending physicians were passionate about their subspecialties and enthusiastic about teaching others. I was impressed with the feeling of camaraderie between the residents and their enthusiasm about neurology. At the dinner, I was excited to feel at home with fellow “neuro nerds.” I have already been exposed to a variety of different cases and subspecialties. It is easy to learn because the passion is infectious, the attendings are approachable, and there are unlimited interesting cases. There are so many lakes, rivers, and parks surrounding Ann Arbor. I also enjoy the city’s love for the arts. Art fairs, summer fairs, music fairs – you name it, they have it, and there is a new one every week.

One Thing You Should Know: I love to draw and paint.

Theme Song: “I Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash


Andy Ridder
Andy Ridder

Undergrad: Creighton University
Med School: Sanford School of Medicine
Current Subspecialty Interests: Stroke, Neuromuscular, Movement Disorders

The University of Michigan has an excellent reputation for quality in medical education and residency training. I found the residents and attendings I met on interviews very friendly, welcoming and enjoyable people to be around. I could tell from the beginning that they were very engaged in the education process. They seemed willing to discuss any topic, from the newest treatments and diagnostic pearls to their favorite movies. I had a ton of fun at the interview dinner with the residents and I could see myself making good friends here even at that time. Michigan also has plenty of options for fellowships locally.  One of my favorite things about this place is the combination of the high quality of education and the congeniality of all the people involved in education, from the interns to the senior attendings. Although I have lived in South Dakota for most of my life, I was born in Saginaw, MI and felt a need to return to my roots.  Michigan is a beautiful state and there is plenty to do outdoors, which was a requirement for my residency decision. I just moved to town a few weeks ago (I did my internship in South Dakota), but I already have found plenty to do.  The farmer's markets are wonderful and the downtown has a lot of interesting restauraunts and stores. I have a 2-year old son, who has unfortunately limited some of my restaurant choices, but there is plenty for him to do as well! There are several petting zoos and children's museums, but the most fun we've had as a family so far is the county waterpark, Rolling Hills, just south of town.  The city has a vibrant arts culture as well.  We are looking forward to some high quality theater through the University and the community.

One Thing You Should Know: I'd love to live on a sailboat and bike to work, but my wife won't let me.

Theme Song: “Everyone’s Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey” by the Beatles


Andrew Sas
Andrew Sas
Undergrad: Dickinson College
Med School: Medical University of South Carolina
Current Subspecialty Interests: Sports Neurology, Neuroimmunology

I chose the University of Michigan because the residents are fun to be around, because the faculty is passionate about Neurology, and because of the Neurosport program. From the day I interviewed the residents treated me like I was part of the group. The neurology program is well balanced with great exposure to all of the neurology specialties starting as a PGY-2. The program is full of great faculty and residents. Everyone is friendly, fun to be around, and supportive of each other. Dr. London is energetic and supportive, a great residency director. My favorite thing about Ann Arbor is all the parks. I have two children, and there are so many parks in Ann Arbor that keep me busy with my kids. Football Saturday and the basketball games are a ton of fun if you can get tickets.

One Thing You Should Know: I have a son and a daughter. Before I had kids, I never understood all the pictures that parents carry around of their kids. As a parent, I have found out that I am a very proud father. I have an entire cell phone full of pictures and videos, and if you ask about what I have been up to, there is a good chance you are going to see a picture of my kids doing something. I do not know how I became a picture-showing parent, but I love it.

Theme Song: “Spider Pig” by Homer Simpson (“Does anyone know what a spider pig does? No, but he is doing it.”)


Jon Snider
Jon Snider

Undergrad: College of William and Mary
Med school: University of Michigan
Post-Graduate Plans: Movement Disorders fellowship, place TBD (match results pending)

I chose the University of Michigan for many reasons. There is excellent clinical neurological training with a broad range of patients and a variety of disease states. There is great breadth and depth of clinical neurological training. The residents, faculty, and staff have superb camaraderie and make you feel like one of the team. There are good medical student/resident teaching opportunities. The program is flexible with a solid focus on resident feedback. In Ann Arbor, my favorite things to do include anything involving good food and friends, bonus if there is a jazz band playing nearby.

One Thing You Should Know: I juggle balls well, clubs reasonably well, swords poorly, and flaming chainsaws exactly once.

Theme Song: Theme from the Independence Day film soundtrack

Natalie Wheeler
Natalie Wheeler

Undergrad: Miami University (Ohio)
Law school: University of Michigan
Med school: The Ohio State University
Post-Graduate Plans: Vascular Neurology fellowship, University of Michigan

In choosing the University of Michigan, I liked how friendly everyone seemed and the warmth and informality of the conversations with faculty and residents on interview day. I also appreciated the broad range of subspecialties and the early exposure to outpatient subspecialties and outpatient clinic. The people in this program are a major strength. The faculty (without exception) are pretty amazing neurologists, and all of them are very focused on teaching and mentorship. The other residents are a joy. In Ann Arbor, the Nichols Arboretum and the Matthei Botanical Gardens are lovely green places to go for a walk, sit and read a book, or attend a concert in the park. I'm also a huge fan of the Kerrytown neighborhood -- between gourmet olive oil sampling at Zingerman's deli, produce shopping at the Farmers Market, and bargain-hunting at the Treasure Mart (an eccentric consignment/antique shop), it's my favorite place to spend a Saturday morning.

One Thing You Should Know: I performed improvisational and sketch comedy for years, but I’m really terrible at telling jokes.

Theme Song: “Movement and Location” by the Punch Brothers

2013-2014 PGY1s

Matthew Ebright
Undergrad: Taylor University
Med School: Wayne State University

Robert Kobelja
Undergrad: Loyola University New Orleans
Med School: University of South Alabama

Melissa McDonald
Undergrad: University of Utah
Med School: University of Michigan

Nate Mohney
Undergrad: University of Pittsburgh
Med School: Penn State University

Julie Morrison
Undergrad: University of New Hampshire
Med School: University of Toledo

Kurt Sieloff
Undergrad: University of Michigan
Med School: Univeristy of Michigan

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