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The Study of Bipolar Disorder is the Study of Humanity
Melvin McInnis, M.D.
Prologue: "I personally love engaging and working with people that have bipolar disorder. I think it's one of the most rewarding fields of medicine to study, and I feel incredibly privileged to study this illness" - Dr. Melvin McInnis, Research Director, Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Fund.
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In this video, Dr. McInnis discusses how he collaborates with scientists across disciplines to develop new models to understand and treat bipolar disorder. He shares key insights gained from various research projects involving stem cells, mobile technologies, and the microbiome.


Our mission is to inspire scientists, researchers, and the public by sharing innovative bioscience research from the University of Michigan. We use short video interviews and presentations to make the ideas accessible and introduce the people behind the work.


Current and Cutting Edge!

A major focus of Michigan Video Abstracts (MVA) is current and cutting-edge research. A key emphasis is on collaborative and multidisciplinary work, which we hope will motivate others to move in this direction.

Contributions to Knowledge

MVA also showcases the work of emeritus and senior UM faculty who have made substantial "contributions to knowledge" during the course of their careers. We use the interview format to allow these giants to share their insights, experience, and wisdom.

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Current and Cutting Edge
Cancer Ally: Improving Patient Care with Mobile Apps
Michael Sabel, M.D.
Prologue: Cancer Ally, is a suite of mobile apps developed by Dr. Michael Sabel, Chief of Surgical Oncology to help patients navigate the complexities of multidisciplinary cancer care.
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In this video, Dr. Sabel discusses problems patients often have when getting treated for cancer (e.g., difficulty following complex treatment plans, scheduling appointments, getting questions answered, and providing accurate information about their symptoms to their physicians). He then describes the suite of apps he has created to address these problems to improve patient care.
Contributions to Knowledge
It's All About the Patient
Robert Bartlett, M.D.
Prologue: You can't think about legacy. You're just thinking about what am I doing today? Who do I have to operate on next week? Can I take good care of my patients? Can I keep the lab running?" - Dr. Robert Bartlett
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In this video, Medical Student Rana Kaber, interviews Dr. Bartlett about his distinguished career as a surgeon and innovator (e.g., inventing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), pioneering the development the critical care unit, etc.). Dr. Bartlett shares highlights of his career, his approach to overcoming the hurdles he faced as an innovator, and what motivates him to continually develop new approaches to patient care.