Michigan Video Abstracts

Current and legacy contributions to biomedical research from the University of Michigan


Michigan Video Abstracts is produced by The Education Design Team, Education and Training Division, Health Information Technology & Services, Michigan Medicine.


Our mission is to inspire scientists, researchers, and the public by sharing innovative bioscience research from the University of Michigan. We use short video interviews and presentations to make the ideas accessible and introduce the people behind the work.

Current and Cutting-edge

A major focus of Michigan Video Abstracts (MVA) is current and cutting-edge research. A key emphasis is on collaborative and multidisciplinary work, which we hope will motivate others to move in this direction.

Contributions to Knowledge

MVA also showcases the work of emeritus and senior UM faculty who have made substantial "contributions to knowledge" during the course of their careers. We use the interview format to allow these giants to share their insights, experience, and wisdom.


We are looking to feature the work of current and senior/emeritus researchers in our publication. Please email us at hits-et-eddesign@med.umich.edu to learn more or inquire about sharing your work.


Editor in chief:
Chris Chapman, M.A.

Contributions to Knowledge Co-editor in chief:
Edward Domino, M.D.

Producer and Director: Chris Chapman, M.A.
Videography, editing: Marc Stephens, MAED
Video assistant: Aki Yao

Design and Production: Jason Engling, M.A. and Aki Yao