Core Services

ResearchMulticultrual Health
The Research Core provides the context to implement evidenced-based and evaluative health promotion interventions for multicultural populations. This core serves as an umbrella for all projects and services and works collaboratively with other Community Health Services programs. Additionally, the research core focuses on writing of grant applications, survey design, research methods, process evaluation, database design, and development of health literacy programs.

The Education Core introduces the learner (whether patient, health professional, or community member) to concepts and strategies fundamental to health education and health promotion. Health education content includes information for the health consumer, preparation as an advocate of healthy lifestyles, awareness of the role health plays throughout the lifespan, and understanding culture's influence on the adaptation of health practices and health indicators for racial/ethnic populations.

Community Engagement
The Community Engagement Core seeks to work collaboratively with communities to improve health. This process includes working with the community to identify and solve problems, using the assets of the community to develop initiatives, and partnerships to mobilize resources to bring about change in policies, programs, and practices. Community engagement is grounded in the belief that the community has a right to participate and by working together, effective, culturally appropriate health interventions will lead to better health.

The Policy Core provides a foundation to understand the benefit of policies in reducing inequalities in health. This core identifies and advocates for health, environmental, economic, educational, and other policies that impact the root causes of health disparities. In collaboration with the education, research and community engagement cores, the policy core will facilitate the education and promotion of policies to improve health equity.