Statewide Collaborative Quality Initiatives (CQIs)

Health care providers across Michigan are coming together to improve quality and lower costs of health care. The University of Michigan Health System provides leadership and support of “Collaborative Quality Initiatives” (CQIs) which seek to address some of the most common, complex, and costly areas of surgical and medical care. CQI Coordinating Centers, led by UMHS faculty, work collaboratively with health care providers throughout Michigan to collect data to a centralized registry; analyze and share data to identify processes that lead to improved delivery of care and outcomes, and guide quality improvement interventions.

Current UMHS-led Collaborative Quality Initiatives (CQIs) are:

Additional BCBSM/BCN-funded CQIs include:

Support for UMHS Statewide Collaborative Quality Initiatives (CQIs) is provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network as part of the BCBSM Value Partnerships program.