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Lean Healthcare Resources


Follow the Learner: The Role of a Leader in Creating a Lean Culture. (Bahri, S. Cambridge, MA: Lean Enterprise Institute, 2009.)

Making Hospitals Work: How to Improve Patient Care While Saving Everyone's Time and Hospitals' Resources. (Baker, M. and Taylor, I. Goodrich, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, UK: Lean Enterprise Academy, 2009.)

Improving Healthcare Using Toyota Lean Production Methods: 46 Steps for Improvement. (Chalice R. Milwaukee, WI: ASQ Quality Press, 2nd edition, 2007.)

Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Satisfaction. (Graban, M. New York: Productivity Press, 2009.)

Healthcare Kaizen. (Graban, M. and Swartz, J. New York: Productivity Press, 2012.)

The Pittsburgh Way to Efficient Healthcare: Improving Patient Care Using Toyota Based Methods. (Grunden, N. Boca Raton: Productivity Press, 2008.)

Lean-Led Hospital Design: Creating the Efficient Hospital of the Future. (Grunden, N. and Hagood, C. New York: Productivity Press, 2012.)

The Nun and the Bureaucrat: How They Found an Unlikely Cure for America's Sick Hospitals. (Savary, L. and Crawford-Mason, C. Washington, D.C.: CC-M Productions, Inc, 2006.)

A3 Problem Solving for Health Care. A Practical Method for Eliminating Waste. (Jimmerson, C. New York: Health Care Performance Press [Division of Productivity Press], 2007.)

Doing More with Less: Lean Thinking and Patient Safety in Health Care. (Joint Commission Resources. Oakbrook Terrace, IL: 2006.)

The Best Practice: How the New Quality Movement Is Transforming Medicine. (Kenney, C. New York: Public Affairs, 2008.)

Transforming Health Care: Virginia Mason Medical Center's Pursuit of the Perfect Patient Experience. (Kenney, C. New York: Productivity Press: 2011.)

Potent Medicine: The Collaborative Cure for Healthcare. (Toussaint, J. Appleton, WI: The ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, 2012.)

On the Mend: Revolutionizing Healthcare to Save Lives and Transform the Industry. (Toussaint, J. and Gerard, R. Cambridge, MA: Lean Enterprise Institute, 2010.)

Leading the Lean Healthcare Journey: Driving Culture Change to Increase Value. (Wellman, J.; Hagan, P.; and Jeffries, H. New York: Productivity Press, 2011.)



ThedaCare's Business Performance System: Sustaining Continuous Daily Improvement Through Hospital Management in a Lean Environment. (Barnas, K. Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety. September, 2011, 37(9):387-399.)

Reducing Waste in U.S. Health Care Systems. (Bush, R.W. Journal of the American Medical Association. February 28, 2007, 297(8):871-874.)

Creating a Lean Practice. (Endsley, S., Magill, M., and Godfrey, M. Family Practice Management. April, 2006.)

Management Consultation. Pharmacy Practice Model Change: Lean Thinking Provides a Place to Start. (Hlubocky, J. et al. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. 2013,70:845-847.)

Reducing Waste and Errors: Piloting Lean Principles at Intermountain Healthcare. (Jimmerson, C., Weber, D., and Sobek, D.K. Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety. May, 2005, 31(5):249-257.)

Lean Health Care? It Works! (Panchak, P. Industry Week. November, 2003.)

Fixing Healthcare from the Inside, Today. (Spear, S. Harvard Business Review. September 2005.)

Ambiguity and Workarounds as Contributors to Medical Error. (Spear, S. and Schmidhofer, M. Annals of Internal Medicine. April 19, 2005.)

The Promise of Lean in Health Care. (Toussaint, J.S. and Berry, L. L. Mayo Clinic Proceedings. January 2013, 88(1):74-82.)


Reports and Whitepapers

Mistake-proofing the Design of Health Care Processes. (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. AHRQ Publication No.07-0020, May 2007.)

Going Lean in Health Care. (Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Innovation Series 2005.)

Lean Thinking for the NHS. (Jones, D. and Mitchell, A. NHS Confederation, 2006.)



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