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For more information on the Michigan Quality System (MQS), e-mail Jeanne Kin at jkin@umich.edu.

Michigan Quality System (MQS) Clinical Delivery Prioritization Committee:
Jack Billi (EVPMA/Medical School)
Marge Calarco (Nursing)
Skip Campbell (Office of Clinical Affairs)
Deborah Childs (Human Resources)
Loree Collett (Children's and Women's)
Tony Denton (HHC)
Chris Dickinson (Children's and Women's)
Robin Damschroder (HHC)
Shon Dwyer (HHC)
Deb Guglielmo (Michigan Quality System)
Jeanne Kin (Michigan Quality System)
Tom Peterson (HHC/Support Services)
Jeanne Rizzo (Ambulatory Care Services)
Sue Schade (MCIT)
Andy Zukowski (Health System Finance)

Michigan Quality System (MQS) Operations Group:
Jack Billi (EVPMA/Medical School)
Deb Guglielmo (Michigan Quality System)
Van Harrison (Medical Education)
Jeanne Kin (MQS/Medical School)
Veretta Nix (Human Resources)

Michigan Quality System (MQS) Coaches:

Central Coaches "Major" Area
Katrina Appell Lean for Clinical Redesign
Sheri Chisholm Program and Operations Analysis/Lean Facility Design
Kevin DeHority Ambulatory Care Services
Mary Duck Program and Operations Analysis
Marianne Pilat TBA
Amanda Silva Support Services
Whitney Walters Lean for Clinical Redesign
Brendon Weil Medical Value Stream
Ruste Wilke Surgical Services Value Stream
Areas with Embedded Coaches and Coaches in Training
Ambulatory Care Services
Children's and Women's
Cardiovascular Center
Educational Services for Nursing
Faculty Group Practice/MMC
Home Care Services
Internal Medicine
Medical School Administration
Operating Rooms
Pathology (AP)
Pathology (CP)
Radiation Oncology
Revenue Cycle


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