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James D. Geiger, M.D.
Professor of Surgery
Executive Director, Medical Innovation Center

C.S. Mott Children's Hospital

Grant Support


Research Advisory Committee, Department of Surgery, University of Michigan Medical Center: Enzyme Linked Immuno-spot assay (ELISPOT) analyzer.
$20,000 1999.
University of Michigan, Internal Support, Section of Pediatric Surgery;
07/01/96 - 06/30/97 ($30,000)
07/01/97 - 06/30/98 ($30,000)
07/01/98 - 06/30/99 ($30,000)
National Cancer Institute, R-29, CA 77471-01, Vaccine Therapy of Pediatric Malignancies Utilizing Dendritic Cells
Principle Investigator (50% effort)
Annual direct cost $70,000
Total cost $532,000


ChildrenÕs Oncology Group #A NBL00P2, Perinatal Neuroblastoma: Expectant Observation Š A ChildrenÕs Oncology Group Pilot Study
Children's Oncology Group #A RST03P1, A Pilot Phase II Study for Children with Infantile Fibrosarcoma
University of Michigan Medical School, Student Biomedical Research Program
The Brian Morden Foundation
Funds given in support of submitted grant: Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy of Sarcoma Patients Post Stem Cell Transplantation
Principle Investigator (20% effort) $50,000
The Role of Virtual Reality Simulation in Integrated Operating Room Design
Co-Investigator (10% effort)
Total direct cost $ 117,601
(This grant is pending funding from the Stryker Corporation)
UM-Faculty Group Practice - Geiger (PI)
Clinical Research Initiatives Program-University of Michigan
Pilot study of dendritic cell vaccine therapy of solid tumor patients post stem cell transplant

Pilot study evaluating the ability of dendritic cell vaccines to generate anti-tumor specific T-cell responses in pediatric patients with solid tumors following antilogous hematopoetic stem cell transplant.