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Teen FAQ

  1. Will I have to be on a diet?
    The only way you can lose weight is by making changes in both eating and activity habits. However, we want you to make changes that can last for a lifetime. You will receive individual nutrition counseling to help you choose habits you can make into a routine part of your life.

  2. How fast will I lose weight?
    Many people who lose weight quickly regain it quickly. Healthy weight loss takes a long time. Our first step is to help you to stop gaining. The next step is weight loss; a gradual process which will take several months or longer depending on how much weight you want to lose. The good news is that although this process is slow, even small amounts of weight loss can improve your health.

  3. Will I have to miss school?
    The first appointment takes several hours and will require one day's absence from school. After this initial appointment you will need to return for follow-up visits every other week. These appointments will be in the afternoon. We'll do what we can to make these fit with your class schedule. Both your education and your health are important.