Michigan Medicine Quality Improvement MOC Program (ABMS Part IV, AAPA PI-CME)

In January 2011 the ABMS Multi-specialty Portfolio Program approved the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) to have a “Portfolio Program” of QI projects with Part IV credit. UMHS can designate Part IV credit for qualified QI projects overseen by UMHS and award Part IV credit to physicians who meet participation requirements for those projects. Nationally, the UMHS Program was the second to be approved.

In May 2015 UMHS and the American Academy of Physician Assistants initiated a pilot effort through which UMHS could award AAPA PI-CME credit for the MOC of physician assistants if they meet the requirements of the ABMS Portfolio Program for QI efforts and for participation. UMHS reports participation to AAPA. Nationally, this pilot was the first to be approved for physician assistants.

Functions. The primary functions of the UMHS QI MOC Program are to:

The Program’s functions are described in more detail on the UMHS MOC Page.

Organization. The UMHS QI MOC Program operates under and through the Chief Quality Officer of the University of Michigan Health System.

The Program personnel are:
R. Van Harrison, PhD, Co-Lead
Jeanne Kin, MHA, JD, Co-Lead
Ellen Patrick, MA, Administrator

Funding. The UMHS Part IV MOC Program is institutionally funded by UMHS.