MiShare is a secure collaborative file transfer system provided by MCIT. The MiShare infrastructure provides a method approved by the UMHS Compliance Office for UMHS personnel, non-UMHS business partners, patients and researchers to securely transfer files, including files that contain electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), protected research data, or other sensitive information. Files are encrypted while being uploaded or downloaded, and are encrypted while they are on the MiShare server.

Sending a Package to UMHS personnel

  1. With a web browser, go to the following link: https://mishare.med.umich.edu
  2. The MiShare page will appear. Note the Security Notice on the right side of the screen before proceeding.
  3. Business partners should locate and click the Register and Send Files link as shown below.
Guest Login Page
  1. Once the Register and Send Files screen appears, fill in the appropriate fields. In the Recipient Email(s) field, type the full (med.umich.edu) email address of each recipient, separating multiple recipient UMHS email addresses with commas. Be sure to type in the text presented in the Captcha box. If you are having trouble with the Captcha displayed you can hit the refresh button to get a new Captch image or press the speaker button to hear the text out loud. Once the fields are filled, click the Register and Send Files button.
Register and Send Files
  1. Once the Captcha has been verified the user will be prompted to choose a password as shown below:
Choose Password
  1. The first time a business partner sends files, a screen will appear recommending the installation of the Upload/Download Wizard applet. Using the Wizard has a number of advantages over not using it, including the ability to drag and drop files, the ability to send large files, and to enable error-checking on the file uploads and downloads. The Wizard only needs to be installed once in the browser. Once the Wizard is installed, it will automatically be used for all future transfers.
    • To install the Wizard, click the Install the Upload/Download Wizard link and follow the provided instructions. Internet Explorer users should install the ActiveX applet; other browsers will install the Java applet. Once the Wizard installs, proceed to the next step.
    • To elect to never use the Wizard permanently, click the Disable the Wizard link.
    • To avoid using the Wizard for a single session, click the Disable the Wizard for this session only link.

Description: Description: Description: \\medinfo\WEB\Webdocs\mishare\help\images\icons\emoticons\check.gif

Even if disabled, the Wizard can always be installed at a later date from the Send a Package screen.

Install the wizard
  1. Once the Send a Package screen loads, provide a Subject and Note to accompany the link for the package. This information allows the recipient to identify the package contents. Then, upload the files to the package.
    • Using the Upload/Download Wizard
    • If the Wizard is disabled:
      1. In the Files section, click the Browse (Windows) or Choose File (Macintosh) button.
      2. In the new window, locate the file to attach and click the Choose (Macintosh) or Open (Windows) button. Click the Upload button. The file will upload and appear in the list.
      3. To add additional files, click the Add another file link and then select a file and Upload for each additional file.
Send a package
  1. Once the files have been added to the package, click the Send button.
  2. When the package is sent, the screen will reappear with a message at the top indicating "Sent package with ID '#########' OK." The ID number is unique for each package.

The designated recipient(s) will receive an email message from the MiShare system with a Subject of "A new MiShare package has been sent to you." Within the message, the recipient will see a link to access it.

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Receiving a Package

When UMHS personnel send a package to a business partner, the business partner will receive at least one email from the MiShare system.

  • A designated recipient will always receive an email message from the "UMHS individual via MiShare..." with a Subject of "A New Package Is Waiting." Within the message, the Subject provided for the package will be displayed with a link to access the package using any existing sign on credentials associated with the recipient's email address.

Description: Description: Description: \\medinfo\WEB\Webdocs\mishare\help\attachments\thumbnails\122852315\123077683

  • If the designated recipient has not recently been sent a package, the recipient will also receive an email indicating a New User Account for MiShare was created using the recipient's email address. The email contains the sign on credentials to use to access the MiShare system and the package.
  1. Click the link in the "New Package" email. A web browser will open and load the MiShare page. The recipient's email address will automatically be entered into the Username field of the Level-2 Sign On area.
  2. In the Password field, enter the password associated with the email address. (This password is initially provided in a separate email; you will be required to change the password when signing on for the first time.)
  3. Click the Sign On button.
  4. The browser window will display the package information. Click the Download button to download the file to the local machine. Some file types, especially PDF files, may open directly in the browser; in these cases, return to the previous screen, right-click the Download button, and select the option to save the linked file.
Receiving a package

Resetting your Password

If you have been sent a file from a UMHS person, your account password can be reset by the UMHS person responsible for your relationship if you can't remember it.

  1. In your browser, go to https://mishare.med.umich.edu
  2. At the bottom of the page there is a link Request a password change. Select that and you will be taken to a page where you can enter your username. That will be the email address that the package was sent to.
  3. Click the Request Password Change button.
  4. The person responsible for the account will recieve an email with a link that can be used to reset the password. Note that the request is only good for 30 minutes; you must complete the password change within that time.

Additional help

If you require assistance, please call the MCIT Service Desk at 734-936-8000.