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Admissions (PIBS)

If you are interested in applying to our Ph.D program, please visit the Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS) website and click on the How to Apply button. All admissions are handled through this office.

** All application materials need to be mailed to PIBS at the address noted below. **

Students enter the Ph.D program in the fall terms only.

Application material deadline for admission in fall 2012 is December 1, 2011.

We strongly encourage applicants to submit applications prior to this deadline, particularly for consideration for the February recruiting weekend.

FYI: Recruiting Weekends for the Fall 2011 class in Microbiology and Immunology will be January 28–30 and February 4–6, 2011 . If you are applying, we encourage you to keep these weekends open.

Admission Basics

Students enter the Ph.D program in the fall terms only. The Program in Biological Sciences Department or PIBS, evaluates each applicant's potential for productive scholarship, teaching, and research in microbiology and immunology. PIBS coordinates first year graduate studies for 13 biomedical Ph.D programs at the University of Michigan Medical School. This evaluation is based on careful consideration of academic achievement, including success in relevant coursework, scores on the Graduate Record examination, letters of recommendation, any research experience, and a written statement by the Applicant describing educational and career goals. Because the ability to communicate in English is essential for successful graduate study, foreign applicants are required to demonstrate on the TOEFL examination a high level of proficiency in the English language.

Students attracted to a career in the biological sciences come with varied backgrounds and from many disciplines: physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, and biochemistry. Certain basic requirements, however, are recognized to be essential for productive, scholarly advanced study in this department. These requirements include mathematics through calculus, computer science, genetics, biological chemistry, physics, and inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. Since the Department of Microbiology and Immunology welcomes students with diverse backgrounds, each requirement need not be fulfilled before admission; however, these must be completed soon after initiating study in the program.

Financial Aid and Support

Financial support in the form of a monthly stipend for living expenses to all students admitted to the Department's doctoral program. The department also provides tuition, fees, and health insurance expenses. Stipend for the academic year 2010-2011 is $26,500. Sources include:

  1. NIH training grant in Cellular Biotechnology
  2. NIH training grant in Cancer Biology
  3. NIH training grant in Human Genetics
  4. NIH training grant Molecular Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis
  5. Dr. F. G. Novy fellowship
  6. Dr. Frances W. Chin endowed fellowship
  7. Rackham Merit fellowship
  8. Regents' fellowship
  9. University fellowships
  10. Research assistantships

Applicants to the doctoral program are automatically considered for financial aid. In addition, applicants are encouraged to seek competitive national sources of fellowships. Because funding opportunities are more limited for foreign students, foreign applicants are urged to investigate fellowships provided by their governments or other local sponsors. All students admitted to the Ph.D program are supported by one of the above internal or external sources. Funding is guaranteed for all Ph.D candidates in good standing until completion of the thesis defense.

How To Apply

Please visit the PIBS web page for an on-line application. Just click on the Apply Now button. All application materials should be sent to the PIBS Office.

Program In Biomedical Sciences
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Email inquiries can be made to: PIBS@umich.edu

Department specific questions can be directed to:

Heidi Thompson
Graduate Studies Coordinator
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
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Kathy Spindler
Graduate Program Chair
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Mary O'Riordan
Graduate Program Associate Director
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Phil Hanna
Graduate Program Associate Director
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