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∗ The work of faculty members Eric Martens and Nicole Koropatkin collaborating with a team of international researchers was featured in a University Record story, "U-M scientists and colleagues investigate the fiber of our being." Kudos to Eric, Nicole and their lab members on contributing to this exciting story!

∗ Congratulations to Gary Huffnagle who has been elected as a Fellow in the American Academy of Microbiology. The academy is the honorific society of the American Society for Microbiology. This is a well deserved honor for a substantial body of scientific work and devotion to undergraduate teaching and mentoring. Congratulations Gary!

∗ Kudos to Dr. Mary O'Riordan, who was recently awarded the Endowment for the Basic Sciences Teaching Award. This award is given in recognition of the best in teaching at all levels: classroom, student committees, and in the laboratory. Mary is an outstanding example of such educational excellence We are all very proud of our accomplished awardee.

∗ Congratulations to Kathy Spindler, Mary O'Riordan, and Vic DiRita for their induction into the inaugural class of The University of Michigan Medical School's Academy for Educational Excellence and Scholarship.

∗ Congratulations to Professor Beth Moore on the "Recognition Award for Scientific Accomplishments" for the 2014 American Thoracic Society meeting. The Recognition Award for Scientific Accomplishments is given to individuals for outstanding scientific contributions in basic or clinical research to the understanding, prevention and treatment of lung disease. Those considered for the award are recognized for either scientific contributions throughout their careers or for major contributions at a particular point in their careers. This is a highly competitive, well deserved award for Beth's substantial body of work.

∗ Kaitlin Flynn has been awarded the Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Service, for her outstanding dedication to student governance. Kaitlin has been active in the Rackham Student Government, being the Vice President since January of 2012. In that capacity, she oversaw the successful implementation of changing the Rackham GPA scale from a 9.0 to 4.0 scale and instituted "Lunch with the Deans," an event to connect students and administrators. Kaitlin also meets with University and Ann Arbor administrators to discuss campus policy changes on a regular basis. She has been to Washington, DC to lobby Congress for graduate student issues, speaking up for the next generation of scientists. We are very proud of Kaitlyn and grateful for her service.

∗ Our recent graduate, Dr. Lucy McNamara, received an honorable mention in the Rackham/Proquest 2012 Distinguished Dissertation Award competition. Of 750 doctoral dissertations campus-wide last year, 21 were recognized with Rackham/Proquest awards. We are proud of Lucy's accomplishments. Her dissertation research, "HIV-1 Infection of Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells," was conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Kathy Collins.

∗ Elizabeth Cameron was awarded a Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship for 2013-2014. These fellowships support outstanding candidates who are doing exceptional research and who are in the final year of their studies. Elizabeth is in the laboratory of Dr. Eric Martens, and she investigates the mechanisms by which commensal bacteria utilize carbohydrate-based nutrients in the mammalian gut. Congratulations, Elizabeth!

∗ William DePas is an alternate for a Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship for 2013-2014. Will is doing his doctoral research in the laboratory of Dr. Matthew Chapman, where he is investigating the role of iron and oxidative stress in curli-mediated biofilm formation in uropathogenicEscherichia coli. Congratulations on the recognition of your outstanding research, Will!

∗ Alyxandria Schubert was awarded a Susan Lipschutz, Margaret Ayers Host and Anna Olcott Smith Award from Rackham. These fellowships are awarded to doctoral candidates who have demonstrated exceptional scholarly achievement, a sense of social responsibility, and an interest in the success of women in the academic community. Alyx is in the laboratory of Dr. Patrick Schloss, and her research is aimed at understanding the mechanisms involved in colonization resistance against Clostridium difficile. Kudos, Alyx, for being our first Microbiology & Immunology student to win this award!

Congratulations. Recently the Medical School Dean's office created the "League of Educational Excellence" to acknowledge accomplishments in the school's educational missions. During an award dinner on January 23, ninety members of the school were inducted into the inaugural year. Michael J. Imperiale, Mary O'Riordan and Katherine Spindler were selected as members to represent the our department. During this first year they, with other members, will organize the Academy for Educational Excellence and Scholarship at the Medical School. The new academy is intended to recognize and augment the educational rigor and innovation of its faculty, to promote faculty development in education/mentoring, foster the visibility of UMMS educational leadership nationally and internationally, and to mobilize these talents to improve educational outcomes.

Colleagues, Congratulations to our esteemed leader Harry Mobley on his election as a Fellow of the AAAS

Congratulations to Denise Kirschner (Microbiology & Immunology), Jennifer Linderman (Engineering), and JoAnn Flynn (Pittsburgh) who have been awarded a unique grant from the NIH, combining mathematical modeling and primate immune responses to predict disease progression.  Have a look at this engaging article: http://www.engin.umich.edu/newscenter/dme/TB/


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