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Jack has come a long way in defining what it means to be a survivor. He first survived the Marines. He then tackled the rigors of NASA training and the challenges of space flight. And, finally, Jack survived prostate cancer, the most common form of cancer among American men, excluding skin cancers.

In 1998, as part of NASA research into the long-term effects of space on the human body, Jack was required to visit NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas for an annual physical.

During one of Jack’s annual physicals, NASA doctors detected an abnormally high PSA (prostate-specific antigen) count. They suspected immediately that Jack had prostate cancer.

Jack’s first move was to consult with his personal physician, a close friend. Jack’s physician recommended Jack seek the treatment of Dr. James Montie at U-M who is considered by many to be among the nation’s top urologists. Coincidentally, U-M is also Jack’s alma mater.

Heading Into Treatment at Full Speed

As you might expect from a military man and thrill-seeking sky jock, Jack, with the professional counsel of Dr. Montie, decided on surgery. By opting for surgery, Jack was allowing Dr. Montie to fully assess the situation and take the most direct approach in curing Jack of his cancer. “Once I met with him and evaluated my options,” Jack said. “I decided that surgery by Dr. Montie was the best choice.”

The surgery proved to be an overwhelming success. By the time Jack had his next annual physical with NASA, his PSA count was simply unreadable. Jack owed his quick recovery to two things: early detection and the skill and experience of Dr. Montie. Jack has been cancer-free going on eight years now and has yet to lose his adventuresome spirit and zest for life.

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