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Endocrine Oncology Research.

Dr. Hammer

Gary D. Hammer, M.D., Ph.D. serves as the Director of the Endocrine Oncology Program in the Comprehensive Cancer Center at UM where he holds the Millie Schembechler Professorship in Adrenal Cancer. Under his leadership, the Program is uniquely recognized as an international center of excellence for research and the treatment of adrenal cancer. Hammer's own laboratory has focused on 1) defining stem/progenitor cells and critical signaling/transcriptional programs that dictate cell fate, self-renewal, multi potency in health and disease; 2) directing landmark genetic/genomic studies in adrenal neoplasia/cancer; and 3) leveraging critical cellular pathways to launch ongoing international clinical adrenal trials with newly-developed targeted therapeutics. Most recently, Dr. Hammer cofounded Millendo - biotechnology company focusing on therapies for adrenal cancer and other related endocrine diseases of steroid excess. With UofM colleagues he also has formed the American Australian ASIAN ALLIANCE (A5) that aims to facilitate and leverage international collaboration for adrenal disease.

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