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Scheduling for the M3 and M4 years begins each January with Class Meetings, at which time students are informed about the processes used to assign clinical schedules. Jr. Scheduling takes place first, in mid-January, when M2 students have a one-week block of time to submit their choices using a web based preferencing system. All preferences are then loaded into a computer program that assigns the schedules. Once schedules have been created, students are notified that they are available on Wolverine Access. M4 scheduling takes place from mid-January through March and is done on an appointment basis, 4 randomly assigned appointments per student. It is imperative that students adhere to the allotted scheduling time-frames during Jr. and Sr. scheduling.

The Component III and Component IV Handbooks contain a wealth of information, including but not limited to, scheduling requirements and deadlines, School policies, liability insurance, leaves of absence, reporting locations and clerkship descriptions.

For your convenience, all M4 forms for individually arranged clinical and research electives are listed below in PDF format. Please download the appropriate form(s), complete and submit to Cindy Murphy, Scheduling Coordinator, Office of Medical Student Eduction. She will coordinate all of the necessary paperwork for you. 

Please adhere to these deadline dates for submitting forms and making schedule changes. Students are required to make schedule changes through Cindy Murphy ( by the deadlines listed below. Rare exceptions to these deadlines can be made in emergency situations only. Please forward your questions regarding clinical M3 & M4 scheduling to Cindy Murphy (


Period 1 March 1, 2013
Period 2 April 15, 2013
Period 3 June 10, 2013
Period 4 July 8, 2013    
Period 5 August 5, 2013
Period 6 September 2, 2013
Period 7 September 30, 2013
Period 8 October 28, 2013
Period 9 November 25, 2013
Periods 10, 11 & 12    December 13, 2013

** These dates are subject to change by the Scheduling Office in OMSE**




Clinical grades are submitted by the departments to OMSE via a web-based program and are entered into MPathways on a daily basis. Immediately upon entry, grades are automatically posted to the official transcript and are available for viewing on Wolverine Access. Questions related to M3 and M4 grades should be directed to Elvira Skuzinski ( in OMSE. View Grades

Ordering an Official Transcript

Current students who need an official transcript for any purpose other than Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) must order it via Wolverine Access. Official transcripts for ERAS are provided for M4 students by the Medical School Registrar.

Licensure Forms for Graduating Seniors

In the months prior to graduation, seniors will receive lots of information and instructions related to temporary licensure. Please submit all forms and paperwork to Elvira Skuzinski ( in the OMSE for processing.

Loan Deferrals

Loan Deferment forms are processed by the U of M Office of the Registrar on main campus and may be dropped off at the reception desk in the OMSE to be forwarded to campus.

Jury Duty

The Washtenaw County District Court operates on a one day/one jury service system, so whenever possible, students summoned for jury duty should serve. Chances are good that it will require, at the most, just one day of service. However, during the school year this often proves to be impossible. In such cases, students who receive a /summons/ for jury duty from the Washtenaw County Courthouse in Ann Arbor should call the number provided and ask to be deferred on the basis of their student status. This type of deferral is usually granted once, but students remain in the juror pool and are summoned again until they serve, often within a few months of the original summons. Students who are summoned after a deferral or students who receive a summons from any other jurisdiction, must bring their summons to Susan Hayward, Medical School Registrar, in the Office of Medical Student Education, for handling. Please direct any questions to

Replacement MCard

Students who need a new MCard should pick up an ID form at the front desk in OMSE - Student Services. There is a $20 replacement fee for lost cards. There is no charge for a department or name change.

Personal Data Change Form

Please download the personal data change form and drop off the completed form with required documentation to Elvira Skuzinski in the Office of Medical Student Educatoin. Ms. Skuzinski will update your medical school records and forward the form to the Registrar’s Office on campus for a computer system update.

Address Changes

Students are responsible for keeping their local and permanent address information current in the system, via Wolverine Access.

On-call Meal Money

M3 students receive one (1) installment of $248 on their MCard at the beginning of the Fall term. M4 students receive one (1) installment of $112 on their MCard at the beginning of the Fall term. Students who are unable to access their funds or who have questions should email Crystal Napier for assistance.


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