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MSPE (Dean's Letter)

MSPE (Dean's Letter)

The Medical Student Performance Evaluation letter- formerly called the Dean's Letter- accompanies a medical student's residency application. It summarizes the student's medical school performance and provides a summary evaluation of the student's potential as a resident. The letter is written by one of the Deans in the Office of Medical Student Education; Dr. Steven Gay, Dr. Tamara Gay, Dr. Rajesh Mangrulkar, or Dr. Sally Santen. Students will have the opportunity to sign-up (first come, first served basis) with a specific Dean to write his or her Medical Student Performance Evaluation, depending on which Dean the student feels knows him or her best.

When and how should a student begin the process of having the Medical Student Performance Evaluation written?
Fourth-year students should make an appointment in June, July or August of their senior year to meet with the Dean who will write the Medical Student Performance Evaluation. Students should provide the Dean with an up-to-date curriculum vita, and a personal statement PRIOR to the meeting.

What happens during the meeting to discuss the Medical Student Performance Evaluation?
Depending on the Dean, meetings typically last one-half hour. During this time, the student and Dean discuss the student's career plans, background, the residency programs to which the student is interested in applying, and the student's medical school career.

If there have been any unusual events in the student's medical school career (such as poor grades or a leave of absence), these are discussed so that the student can provide an explanation that can be used in the letter. In addition, Deans can help students gauge their competitiveness for various residency programs, and provide them with acceptance rates of past Michigan students who have applied to the same or similar residency programs.

How important is the Medical Student Performance Evaluation?
Program Directors are less interested in the Medical Student Performance Evaluation than most students think. Often, invitations for residency interviews are offered before the Medical Student Performance Evaluation goes out. The Medical Student Performance Evaluation is a way to confirm what the application packet already says about a candidate. It's more important for students to send their applications and letters of recommendation in on time and make the Medical Student Performance Evaluation the last item in their complete application packet.

Will the student have the opportunity to review their letter prior to releasing it to programs?
Yes. After all the letters are written and ready for review, the students will be sent an e-mail to notify them that the letters are available for review.