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MSPE (Dean's Letter)

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The faculty and staff in the Office of Medical Student Education-Student Services are fully committed to help our students match successfully in residency programs. In addition, we have an outstanding group of faculty career advisors ready to advise and assist our students. From the initial career planning and the application stage, through residency interviews, program selection, and matching, there are many details to which students must pay attention. We are here to help our students sort out these requirements and complete all of the necessary steps on time.

The Help Our Students Travel (HOST) program, coordinated by the University of Michigan Medical Center Alumni Society (MCAS), connects M4 students with alumni volunteers during the M4 residency interview process, and later connects recently graduated students with members of their new medical residency community.

Even though career planning begins as early as the first year of medical school, most of the actual application process happens during fourth year. Following are some general time guidelines for the application and match process.

March and April- M3 year
  Initial Meeting / Faculty Career Advisor Selection
Think about who you will ask for letters of recommendations
May- M4 year
  “Decision” Electives
Schedule the MSPE (Dean’s letter)
  MSPE appointments
Begin requesting faculty letters of recommendation
Late June - ERAS tokens distributed by email from
Student Services (estimated date)
7/1 MyERAS opens. Begin to work on the Common Application Form (CAF)
Request Faculty Letters of Recommendations
Must be scheduled for USMLE Step 2 Clinical Knowledge
Must be scheduled for USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills
Begin Research on residency programs
  Letters of Recommendation - follow-up with mentors/faculty to
ensure letters are sent
NRMP Match Agreements available on-line
Early match specialties begin taking applications
9/1 NRMP applicant registration begins at 12:00 noon eastern time
  MSPE final student review begins
  Last opportunity to submit any additional grades or CV information for MSPE
10/1 MSPE released to ERAS and San Francisco Matching Program
Residency Program interviews begin
11/30 NRMP Match Agreement deadline - without late fee, ($50 late fee after this date)
12/1 NRMP Match Agreement late fee added, ($50 late)
12/1 Deadline for USMLE Step 2 Clinical Knowledge
1/15 Match Rank Order List Entry begins
Early specialty match deadlines & match results at SF Match and American Urological Association
2/26 Deadline for Rank Order List certification - closes at 9:00 pm EST
3/17 NRMP Applicant matched/unmatched information posted to web at 12:00 pm (noon)
3/21 Match Day (Friday)
  Financial Aid Exit Interview - Mandatory for all student loan borrowers
5/16 Commencement (for Class of 2014)