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Fourth Year Guide

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Guidelines for Senior Year for Students Interested in Pursuing a Career in these specific disciplines:

Projected UM Interview Dates for Various Disciplines (pdf)

To help you with scheduling your fourth year electives, we encourage you to review the following recommendations.

It is very important to diversify the 4th year. You will forever be asked questions about different medical conditions and the 4th year is the last opportunity to compliment the experiences in your chosen residency. Being able to excel in other areas of medicine shows versatility and commitment. Training programs look for residents who will perform well in very different settings from the outpatient clinic to the ICU. Choosing appropriate senior electives depends on your goal for choosing that particular elective and it typically falls under one of these categories:

  1. To facilitate the decision-making process regarding career choice:
    If you are not yet certain you wish to go into a certain field, you are recommended to take an elective in that field or a subinternship early in the senior year.

  2. To increase your chance of being accepted into a particular internship and residency program:
    Good training programs are competitive. If a student has absolutely decided on a particular program, then the student might consider taking an elective at that program (e.g. a subspecialty elective or subinternship), and doing a first-rate job. This elective should ideally occur before November or December. CAUTION: It is very important you discuss this option with your career advisor to make sure this is a good idea as in theory this can also hurt your chances to get into this particular program if you do not do a first rate job.

  3. To supplement the normal residency curriculum in your chosen field:
    1. An elective in an area which is not a standard part of residency training, but important to the practice in your field
    2. An elective to provide added experience in an area of particular interest in your field subspecialties
  4. To fulfill your personal needs and interests:
    1. An elective in an area of relevance or of interest to you. Take advantage of the opportunity to take an interesting elective before residency when there is little time to do so. This might include a research elective or an elective in another country. Third world experiences are particularly valuable.
    2. An elective in an area which will broaden your knowledge base. The senior year is NOT meant to be a mini residency in your chosen field. Pick an area that you want to learn more about in a different field.