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Medical School Mental Health Consultation Service (MSMHCS)

The MSMHCS provides students with confidential psychiatric evaluation, brief treatment, and assistance in finding additional treatment resources if necessary. Most initial evaluations are done by Drs. Ken Silk or Deepika Sastry, University of Michigan faculty psychiatrists whose usual responsibilities involve relatively little medical student teaching. Confidential referral to therapists and psychiatrists for long term management is available when needed.

How to contact the Program
MSMHCS appointments can be arranged by calling Natalie Dooley, at 763-4215 between the hours of 8-5, Monday-Friday.  Identify yourself as a student at the Medical School and ask for an appointment with Dr Silk or Dr Sastry .

For emergencies at other times, please call the Psychiatry ER at 936-5900.

The services of MSMHCS are available to all Medical School students.   Payment for sessions and referral consultations is the student’s responsibility, but in most cases insurance will cover care with students paying only a small co-pay.  If cost of care will create a hardship for any student, the evaluating psychiatrist will work with the student to help them obtain low-cost care.

All contacts with the MSMHCS are confidential.  MSMHCS does not conduct psychiatric evaluations required by the Dean’s office and does not provide information to the Dean’s office except upon written request by a student (with the exception of certain critical or life-threatening situations).  While records of evaluation and treatment become part of your medical record, all medical records in the UM Health System are confidential.

Community Mental Health Services

Community Mental Health Service Provider Database
This is a searchable database of mental health professionals in our community.  Inclusion on this list does not imply that the University of Michigan endorses or recommends the services provided by these professionals.  It is recommended that the student research the providers to ensure they will meet the needs of the student.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
3100 Michigan Union; 764-8312
Confidential assistance is also available to medical students through CAPS free of charge. CAPS provides counseling, consultation, programming, crisis intervention and outreach programming for the student community at the University of Michigan. Services are aimed at helping students resolve emotional/psychological difficulties and acquire skills to enable them to take full advantage of their college experiences. Problems frequently addressed at CAPS include depression, anxiety, relationship issues, academic concerns, eating issues, and others. For a description of services, please visit their webpage. Students seeking services from CAPS can call 764-8312 to schedule an appointment Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. For emergencies at other times, call the Psychiatric ER at 936-5900.