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"A Typical Day in the Life Of..."

The podcasts listed below are generated by a variety of physicians from traditional and non-traditional specialties in order to provide a glimpse into the professional and personal lives of doctors as they practice their profession. Special emphasis is placed on community-based practitioners and those in alternatives to traditional clinical practice. Please click on any of the specialties to learn about it from the doctor’s personal perspective. A more comprehensive list of specialty options can be found on the AAMC Careers in Medicine website, with a link available on the Student Services page.

David Weiss

Dr. David Weiss, Ann Arbor, MI
Orthopedic Surgery

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Dr. Jennifer Kulick, Chelsea, MI
General Surgery

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Brian Chodoroff

Dr. Brian Chodoroff, Chelsea, MI
PM & R

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Michael Goldfarb

Dr. Michael Goldfarb, Ann Arbor, MI

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