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Abdominal Exam with Dr. Vincent Cimmino
Back Pain with Dr. Pam Rockwell
Breast Exam with Dr. Mark Pearlman
Cardiac Exam with Dr. Julie Kovach
Complete Physical Exam with Dr. Rebecca Van Dyke
Framework Approach to the Complete Physical Exam with Dr. Sarah Hartley
Introduction to the Comatose Patient with Dr. Linda Selwa
Musculoskeletal Exam with Dr. Lisa DiPonio
Respiratory Exam with Dr. Sisson
M1/M2 CFM and CCA: Neurological Exam with Dr. Kirsten Gruis
Screening Neurological Exam with Dr. Doug Gelb
Screening Neurological Exam - Teaching Video with Dr. Doug Gelb
M3 Neurology Clerkship: Intro to the Neurological Exam with Dr. Doug Gelb

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