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How to Login

You will need to login with your UM Active Directory password. This may be different than your Level-1 password. If you cannot login, go to this page and set your UM Active Directory password: https://accounts.itcs.umich.edu/password/

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Multi-speed Playback Issue Update To prevent the issue of playback speed returning to normal when a video is paused, simply use the keyboard up and down arrows to increase and decrease the speed. When the video is paused by using the mouse or space bar, speed will remain at the level you set it to be. Additionally, you can use the left and right arrows to skip the video ahead 10 seconds or 3 seconds back.

Using Your Personal Computer
Mac users: Safari & Chrome
Windows users: IE9 & Chrome
Login with uniqname and Level-1 password
Using the LRC Computer Labs
Use Chrome on both Mac and Windows
Login with uniqname and Level-1 password

What if I have problems?