M1 & M2 Quiz Review Procedure


In response to questions and concerns regarding access to quizzes/exams, we’ve summarized our policies below. Please understand that these policies are our best effort as faculty to balance our desire to maintain and improve the quality and appropriateness of the quizzes/exams, and to offer feedback regarding the concepts and information presented on the quizzes/exams to meet your educational goals. The honor code, of course, informs our policies throughout.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Roger Grekin (Director of Component I & II)

Tamara Stein (Assistant Component I Director)


Timeline & Policies

  • Quiz opens.

  • Students receive immediate feedback regarding correct answers to questions when they submit their quiz/exam

  • Quiz closes.

  • Queries open for approximately four (4) days follwing each quiz or exam. Instructors then enter responses to the queries.

  • Quiz feedback regarding correct answers to questions and answer key(s) will be available online, in the LRC ONLY, after the quiz closes until the close of the final exam.

  • Students may check out copies of quiz images from the Exam Office M-F from 7:30am-4:30pm.

  • All of the quizzes relevant to the current sequence will remain online throughout the sequence until the final exam closes.

  • At 8:00am on the morning after the final exam closes, all quiz material will be removed from online access.

  • Final Exams, feedback, answer key(s), and images will be available online for review in the LRC for 48hrs after the scheduled close date/time.