Quizzes and Exams

What you need to know about taking online exams

    First, obtain your Honor Code:
  1. Go to CTools: http://ctools.umich.edu
  2. Login in with your Uniqname and Level-1 Password
  3. Go to the "M1 2014-2015" site (in tabs across top)
  4. Select "Dropbox" from the left-hand navigation menu
  5. Select and open the "Honor Code" document ("your uniqname.pdf")
  6. Second, Review the "Intro to Quizzes & Exams" Video below.

Introductions to Quizzes and Exams (90sec video)

Exam Servers

Standard Server
Back-up Server

Survey/Evaluation Link

Exam Coordinator Contact Information

e-mail: medexams@umich.edu

On-Call Phone:  734-936-1472
On-Call Hours: M-F 5pm-9pm; Sat/Sun Noon - 9pm

  • Nikki Zaidi
  • Head Exam Coordinator
  • 2742 Med Sci II
  • 936-1472
  • Jill Miller
  • Exam Coordinator
  • 2742 Med Sci II
  • 615-8620
  • Karri Grob
  • Exam Coordinator
  • 2742 Med Sci II
  • 615-3841

Exam Do's and Don'ts
M1 & M2 Exam Review Policy

Quiz and Exam Guidelines

  1. Whether you are using a PC or a MAC use Firefox as your exam browser.
  2. Write your answers down. You will need them to check against the posted answer key or if for any reason the exam window closes before you've submitted your responses.
  3. Use a calculator if one is needed during a quiz or exam.
  4. Open Pop-up images one at a time. Be sure to close each image when you are done viewing it. If the first image is still open, the system will not open the next image.
  5. Contact the on-call person by phone (734-936-1472) during normal business hours or during on-call hours: Fri.: 5:00pm 9:00pm, and Sat. / Sun.: noon-9:00pm or email medexams@umich.edu if you experience any difficulties while you are testing.
  6. Double check your responses before submitting them.
  7. STAY CALM and remember technical issues are fixable!
  1. Don't copy, download, or photocopy quizzes/exams or quiz/exam questions in ANY way. This includes the use of print screen features on the computer, creating pdf files of a quiz or exam, and camera phones. This includes the feedback pages. These are all against the honor code.
  2. Don't drag and drop an image window by clicking on the image. Click on the title bar at the top of the image window. You could embed the image in the exam window and be unable to get back to the questions. If this happens, go to the backup server.
  3. Don't leave a question blank if you feel it is written poorly.  Answer the question to the best of your ability.  If you email the exam coordinator or sequence director regarding the question only referred to it by question number no not copy the question in your email message.  If your concerns are with a specific choice(s) email the number of the question and the letter of the choice(s) (A., B., C., D., or E.) to the exam coordinator or sequence director.
  4. If you have problems viewing images, don't guess and enter a response. Leave it blank and contact the on call person.
  5. If you are timed out of a quiz/exam, don't close out of the exam. Give the system time to submit your response. You will know when your responses have been submitted when the feedback page opens. Please be patient, this might take a few minutes.
  6. Do not click within the testing window; this may change your selected responses. Instead, please use the scroll feature in the window.