Professional Skill Builder

1) Computer: works only on a PC with a Windows operating system

2) Browser: Internet Explorer 5.5 or above. Will not work with any other browser.

NOTE: If your version of the browser has a pop-up blocker, then you need to disable it.
If using IE 6.0, Perform the following steps:

(a) Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Internet > Custom Level

(b) Scroll down to: Use Pop-up Blocker and set it to 'Disable'.

3) Requires Windows Media Player 9.0 or above.

4) Requires Macromedia Flash Player 8 or higher:

5) Headphones recommended. This program is audio intensive.
Headphones provide the best listening environment for the heart sounds
that are used in the PSB.

6) Run the program from the internet a high speed internet connection (cable, DSL, or faster)