Professional Skill Builder (PSB)


Click the button below for information on how to access the PSB specfic to your clerkship or squence.

M2 Respiratory Squence

The Professional Skill Builder (PSB) is case-based learning system produced at the Medical School. Each of the modules that you are required to use for this sequence takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete. A few special notes about using the PSB:

  1. Go to the following website to link to the program and to get more information about the technical specifications:
  2. The program is Windows based, however Macintosh users have several options (e.g., running Windows on your Mac or using the PCs at the LRC).
  3. The program requires Internet Explorer (sorry, Firefox will not work with the PSB).
  4. The program requires the use of headphones because of the audio (heart sounds, video with voice).
  5. If you have ANY problems using the PSB, please contact the LRC Help Desk in person, via email ( ), or by the phone (734-936-2239).

These PSB short cases will correspond to the material you are learning in your lectures.

There will be a Ctools “Assignment” for each module that you need to complete. We will track your completion using the gradebook in Ctools. Status change will not occur immediately.

You are required to complete all the assigned Short Cases by the due dates indicated in the chart below. Completion of the assigned PSB modules is necessary to pass the Respiratory Sequence.

Internal Medicine M3 Rotation

Click here to access the Internal Medicine cases