Standardized Patient Program Overview
Sequence Dates

M1 Medical Interview Small Group = Fall
M1 Medical Interview = Spring
M2 Male GU and Female Breast and Pelvic Physical Exams = Fall
M2 Medical Interview Self-Assessment on-line Exercise = Fall
M2 Comprehensive Clinical Assessment (CCA) = Winter
M3 Health Behavior Counseling: Nutrition and Physical Activity = Internal Medicine Clerkship
M3 Health Behavior Counseling: Tobacco Cessation Counseling = Internal Medicine Clerkship
M3 Informed Consent = Surgery Clerkship
M3 Adolescent Interview = Pediatric Clerkship
M3 Feedback on Clinical Skills Exercises = Summer and Fall during M3 year
M4 Comprehensive Clinical Assessment (CCA) = Spring
M4 Breaking Bad News = Emergency Medicine Clerkship

Sequence Mission Statement & Intended Learning Outcomes

Specific to the each exercise.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

1. To provide an opportunity for the student to practice his/her medical interviewing technique.
2. To provide an opportunity for the student to establish a doctor-patient relationship and practice communication skills


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