M3 Clerkship Information
Clerkship Directors

Michael J Englesbe, M.D.
Email: englesbe@umich.edu

Assistant Director
Rishindra M Reddy, M.D.
Email: reddyrm@umich.edu

Clerkship Coordinator
Susan Ryszawa
Email: susier@umich.edu

Clerkship Description

The clerkship is designed to provide each student with the knowledge base and clinical skills in general surgery and the surgical specialties necessary for any physician, regardless of ultimate career choice. The course goals and objectives were modified from the Association for Surgical Education’s Goals and Objectives document for the Surgery Clerkship, with guidance from the University of Michigan’s Institutional Objectives. Specific objectives include developing the ability to perform a thorough, focused history and physical examination on patients with acute and chronic surgical problems; understanding the indications for and limitations of surgical treatment; mastering routine pre- and post-operative care and the resuscitation and evaluation of the hypovolemic or traumatized patient; and developing an awareness for the potential post-operative complications of surgical therapy. Students will participate in the pre-, intra-, and post-operative care of multiple patients - including on-call responsibilities. Each student is expected to read extensively in textbooks, attend all designated lectures and conferences, and apply their knowledge to the evaluation and care of surgical patients. Students are strongly encouraged to review pertinent pathology and anatomy before coming to the operating room each day. The student will be expected to demonstrate a professional approach to patient care including compassion, integrity, responsibility, reliability, and respect for other health care professionals. The student must be able to communicate knowledge in both written and spoken form using standard medical terminology.