M3 Sequence Information
Internal Medicine
Clerkship Directors

Cyril Grum, M.D.
Email: grum@umich.edu

Assistant Director
Thomas Sisson, M.D.
Email: tsisson@umich.edu

Clerkship Coordinator
Mary Edwards
Email: edwardsm@umich.edu

Clerkship Description

M3 Internal Medicine Clerkship Objectives

The primary goal of the Internal Medicine Clerkship for each third-year medical student is to develop a systematic and humane approach to clinical problem-solving. Additional objectives include:

  1. An understanding of the epidemiologic and pathophysiologic bases of the diseases with which your patients present. (IOs # 3 & 4)
  2. The ability to efficiently obtain an accurate and appropriate medical data base. (IOs # 6, 7, & 10)
  3. The ability to develop a "working" problem list from the medical data base. (IOs # 6, 7, & 8)
  4. The ability to develop a reasoned plan for work-up (including appropriate laboratory tests to further develop the patient's data base) and basic treatment of each of patient's problems. (IOs # 5, 6, 8, 9, & 10)
  5. The ability to recognize problems for which patients are at risk and develop an appropriate risk factor assessment. (IOs # 6 & 8)
  6. The ability to treat patients humanely. This should include their involvement in the medical decision-making process and your awareness and sensitivity to their feelings throughout their illness. (IOs # 1, 2 & 10)
  7. The ability to accurately and precisely present a patient's medical database in both a written and verbal format. (IOs # 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8)
  8. The ability to recognize personal limitations and develop the skills necessary for a lifelong learning program. (IOs # 1, 2 & 10)
  9. The ability to recognize indications for and to perform procedures proficiently which are common to Internal Medicine. (IOs # 8 & 9)
  10. The ability to interact with all members of the health care team. (IOs # 1, 2 & 10)