M2 Sequence Overview
Sequence Directors

Paul J. Christensen, M.D.
Associate Professor, Internal Medicine
Email: pchriste@umich.edu

Thomas Sisson, M.D.
Associate Professor, Internal Medicine
Email: tsisson@umich.edu

Sequence Description

The purpose of this sequence is to teach the aspects of basic science related to the respiratory system, building on the anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry taught in M1 year. Sequence faculty are drawn from the basic sciences of Pathology and Pharmacology, and the clinical sciences of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Radiology. Clinical examples of applied basic science are based on common lung diseases: pneumonia, emphysema, asthma, cancer, trauma, ARDS, and respiratory diseases of the newborn. The specific goals for students are:

  • to learn respiratory physiology and pathophysiology in normal subjects and patients with lung disease; including interpretation of respiratory function tests, blood gases, pulmonary and systemic hemodynamic monitoring, and correlation of symptoms and physical findings with pathophysiologic events;
  • to learn normal and abnormal gross and microscopic anatomy of the chest and lung including tissue pathology, physical examination, radiologic examination, surgical anatomy, embryology, and special examinations like bronchoscopy;
  • to be able to classify and describe respiratory diseases based on etiology, pathology, pathophysiology, and clinical presentation;
  • to gain an understanding of the algorithms and practicalities of clinical practice, economics, ethics, history, and humanism in medicine;
  • to gain the knowledge base for material which will be taught in the third year including:
    • the basic approach to evaluation of respiratory disease based on anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry; and
    • the basic approach to the management of respiratory diseases including applied physiology, pharmacology and pathology, airway access, and mechanical ventilation.