M2 Sequence Overview
Sequence Director

Lisa Elena Maier, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Dermatology
Email: maierl@med.umich.edu

Sequence Description

The purpose of this sequence is to provide students with an introduction to clinical dermatology. The sequence will focus on the clinical diagnosis and treatment of the most common dermatologic disorders, and review those elements of dermatopathology and pathophysiology that are essential to the understanding of these disorders. The activities have been designed to correlate basic science with clinical dermatologic phenomena.

  1. To demonstrate the nomenclature used in the clinical and histopathologic description of dermatologic disorders.
  2. To identify the symptoms, dermatopathology, pathophysiology, and epidemiology of the most common dermatologic disorders.
  3. To diagnose the most common dermatologic disorders based on their clinical presentation.
  4. To describe medical and surgical therapies for the most common dermatologic disorders.