Passwords at Medical School


There are a number of different passwords that medical students use on a daily basis. The following information is tailored to their needs.

Level-1 (aka Kerberos)

The University based authorization system is called Level-1. Your Kerberos password is the password associated with your U-M uniqname. You use it when you log in to the computers in the Med School Computing Labs, Wolverine Access, and to most ITS-provided computing services (such as, mFile, your directory entry, the ITS Login service, and more). Individuals on U-M's Medical Campus refer to the Kerberos password as the Level-1 password.

Change your Level-1 password

Level-2 (aka Outlook or Novell)

The Level-2 password is only given to individuals associated with the Hospital and Medical Campus. It is used to access the Outlook email system. The Level-2 password is also used to access many of the Hospital computing (MCIT) web sites and applications such as MLearning, CareWeb, and various items on the Clinical Home page.

Changing your password

Basic: I use the web page to check mail ONLY.
Change your Level-2 password - or - Call (734) 936-8000
Advanced: I use a smartphone, personal computer, or other device to check my mail.
What devices do you use? You will need to configure each device you read email upon. It is best to get them all together, and do this at the same time.
  • Personal Computer
  • iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
  • Android smartphone
  • Other

This requires you to change your password in a certain order. If you do not, you run the risk of having your Level-2 account locked. To avoid this hassle, follow this order:

  1. Disable the email account on all of your devices BEFORE you change your password:
    1. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad - Switch to Airplane Mode (Settings -> Airplane Mode = On)
    2. Android Devices - Switch your device to Airplane Mode. Most Android phones have the option to change the mode between airplane mode and regular mode in a fairly pronounced place.
    3. Computer based email software (e.g., Mac Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) - Close the program.
  2. Change your Level-2 password - or - Call (734) 936-8000
  3. After 5 minutes, verify that your new password works: If it does NOT work, call MCIT at (734) 936-8000. Explain that you changed your password and that it does not work.
  4. Put the new password into your device(s):
    1. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad: Locate your mail settings in Settings->Mail, Calendars, and Contacts. Navigate to the password section. Enter your new password here. Click Done.
    2. Android Devices Locate your mail settings in Mail Account Settings. Navigate to the password section. Enter your new password here. Save your changes.
    3. Computer based email software: Dependent on the specific application. However, you should be able to launch the program and change the account password in preferences or settings. Often the program will attempt to use the old password, fail, and prompt you for the new password.
  5. Re-enable your device(s) that were disabled in step 1.
  6. If you use the UMHS-8021X wireless network, you will be prompted to enter the new password the next time you arrive on campus.

If you use a variety of complex means or would like more assistance contact the LRC Computing Clusters Help Desk:

Honor Codes

Honor codes are specfic to medical students. These codes are used for access to online quizzes/exams and streamed lecture videos.

If you forget, or have problems with your Honor code, contact the Med Exam Coordinators, Cynthia Sharp or Brenda Chism. Their office is 3950-E (located in the LRC) or email