University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) Outlook Email for Medical Students


Outlook is the email system that is used by medical students, faculty, and staff of the Medical School and Hospital.

Start Here:

  1. Easy & Quick: Check your email via a web browser using your current uniqname and Level-2 password. Click on the following URL:
  2. Were you able to successfully login into your Outlook email account?
    1. If yes, then you are done and can now configure your other devices (if any) if you choose using the instructions below.
    2. If no, then you should contact MCIT (Hospital Computing) at (734) 936-8000 and report that you are having problems. Please follow up with the LRC Help Desk on Monday if you are continuing to have issues.

Next Step: Configuring Devices

Personal computer using an email program

Email software can be configured individually, at any time.

You will need to change your account information on your email program (e.g., Mac Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.).

Specific instructions for configuring software to UMHS Exchange:

Handheld: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Windows Phone

Email software can be configured individually, at any time using the Exchange ActiveSync protocol (email, outlook calendar, contacts, and more)

Exchange Activesync: We recommend this option because as it provides the most complete communication and collaboration solution for members of the UMHS community. Features include:

  • UMHS shared calendaring
  • Easy to look up contact information for UMHS faculty, students, and staff
  • Remote wiping of device if lost or stolen
  • A better tool for engaging in clinical communications at UMHS

Note: Use of the Exchange option requires use of 6-digit passcode to access your device which will be set during configuration.

IMAP: This option is an alternate method for connecting to your UHMS Outlook email. It does not provide any access to the UMHS calendaring or contacts.

If you have any questions concerning which option to use, contact the LRC Help Desk or stop in and see us in the LRC Computing Lab.

Exchange ActiveSync settings:

Each personal electronic device will have a different process for configuring an Exchange ActiveSync email account. However, the following are the UMHS specific settings required for most devices:

  • Username: uniqname
  • Email Address:
  • Password: Level-2 Password
  • Domain: UMHS
  • Email Protocol: Microsoft Exchange Activesync
  • Server (incoming and outgoing):