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FEBRUARY 2011, Vol. 29

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NIH Eliminating Application Error Correction Window for Grants
Steven KunkelSteven L. Kunkel, Ph.D. Senior Associate Dean for Research Endowed Professor in Pathology Research

Research faculty and staff:

I want to remind you that NIH is eliminating the application error correction window for grant application submissions effective January 25, 2011.  This means you will no longer have the capability to change and/or correct the application after the published submission deadline.

The two business day application viewing window will not be eliminated.  Applicants still will be able to view an application in the Commons and submit a corrected one, as long as they do so before the published submission deadline.  Going forward, NIH expects that all proposals will be sent, errors corrected, and the proposal received into the NIH Commons prior to the stated deadline.

Also, it is important to inform you that we have been experiencing occasional submission problems with  Unfortunately, a few of our proposals were submitted and failed to make it through by the deadline.  The proposals were rejected for review by the federal agency, and we failed to submit.

In order to best prepare for this transition, please be aware of U-M submission policies (resources are listed below):

  • DRDA / campus policy is that all electronic submissions through should attempt to send the final proposal at least 4 days prior to the deadline to allow for an error window.
  • Medical School asks that you submit the administrative shell 7 days prior to campus sending through in order to allow review time of institutional commitments.
  • Many of your departments have local deadlines in place to help you prepare for these institutional reviews.

I recommend we all shift our concept of sponsor deadline to a date at least 4 days prior to the sponsor’s stated date.

Steven L. Kunkel, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Research
Endowed Professor in Pathology Research


NIH announcement in the full text
From the announcement:
For electronic submissions, correction of errors or addressing warnings after the due date is not considered a valid reason for a late submission.  Applicants are encouraged to submit in advance of the due date to allow time to correct errors and/or address warnings identified in the NIH validation process.

Campus / DRDA Electronic Submission Policy

School Deadline Policy

UMMS Office of Research Launches “Research Project Route Map” Webpage

PIs and research staff now have a new resource for help in navigating a path to successful research! The UMMS Office of Research recently posted the Research Project Route Map on their website, an online tool designed to make the processes involved in launching and operating a research project more clear and easy.

Resembling a subway train map, the Route Map is populated by “stations” such as “Funding,” “Concept,” “Regulatory Reviews,” and more. Each station is clickable, taking the viewer to appropriate, more detailed web resources of the Medical School and University.

And, of course, the Office of Research team is always available to assist with any questions not covered by “stations” on the map.

Check out the Research Project Route Map!

UMHS Clinical Researchers –
Take a Sneak-peek at the New Clinical Trials System (aka eThority)!

The Clinical Trials System (CTS), formerly known as eThority, is a mandatory tool to provide research study teams with one point of data entry for building a clinical research budget, billing calendar, and for submitting and tracking subject enrollment. CTS is designed to remove current bottlenecks and increase efficiency in these processes.

The pilot group rollout occurred in October 2010 and is moving along well. The pilot group is testing enhancements to the system so the final product will be easy to use.  The remaining rollout is targeted to begin late April 2011.

If you currently prepare billing calendars and/or budgets, or enroll subjects, it will be necessary for you to learn about CTS. The Clinical Research Calendar Review & Analysis Office (CRAO) will hold sneak-peek presentations in February and March to showcase this mandatory software program and its features before it gets rolled out more broadly in the spring.

We encourage you to attend a session. No registration is necessary.

  • Monday, February 21, 2011  --  3:00 - 4:00 PM  --  Ford Auditorium
  • Friday, March 11, 2011  --  7:00 - 8:00 AM  --  Ford Auditorium
  • Thursday, March 17, 2011  --  2:00 - 3:00 PM  --  MCHC Auditorium

Please contact the CTS team if you have any questions. The CTS team may be reached at 764-5669 or (

MCRU Streamlines Cost Structure for Clinical Research Teams Conducting Industry-Sponsored Studies

The Michigan Clinical Research Unit (MCRU) now offers a bundled chargeback rate for industry-sponsored studies. A flat, $105 per hour/per participant/per visit bundled rate is now in effect for all outpatient services, as well as an all-inclusive $711 per participant rate for overnight inpatient stays. In addition, the one-time administrative start-up fee per study has been reduced from $750 to $468.

Previously, MCRU’s clinical research services, including the popular and innovative MCRU 2 U mobile nursing service, were charged “ala carte” with separate hourly fees for space, nursing, nutrition, and lab services, which made it challenging for PIs and study coordinators to budget for their studies.

Effective January 2011, the bundled rates apply to all new industry-sponsored studies. For current industry-sponsored studies, MCRU will review the budgets to compare the old and new pricing methods. Where the new pricing method would result in a clear cost benefit over the old method, the lower price will be offered. Where the new method may result in a cost increase, MCRU will "grandfather" the old pricing method as needed – for current industry-sponsored studies only.

These changes are part of the Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research (MICHR)’s goal of developing an end-to-end, user-friendly system for clinical researchers, as recommended in the Strategic Assessment of the Clinical Research Enterprise (SACRE) from 2010.

“The bundled fee-for-service is a way of simplifying the initiation and implementation of industry-sponsored protocols’ budgets,” says Cyndi Bower, M.S., MCRU Associate Managing Director. “This change is intended to increase clarity and efficiency around the budgeting and billing processes, and is consistent with the direction of other leading institutions nationwide, including Harvard and UNC.”

The only exceptions to the new flat rate are for the HAL technician time, which is now $40/hour and the specialized services of NDSR dietary analysis and DEXA bone density analysis, which are now $31/record and $80/scan respectively. All these will continue to be charged as separate items.

Over the next few weeks, MCRU will meet with representatives of the 35 industry-sponsored studies they are currently supporting to review and help estimate the effect of the new standardized charges and whether these studies will necessitate special attention. To learn more about MCRU’s team of clinical research professionals and their state-of-the-art facilities in the lower level of the Cardiovascular Center, visit ( and watch a four-minute YouTube video, Meet the Crew of MCRU.

Other MICHR Pricing

In addition to MCRU, MICHR offers many pre- and post-award services to clinical and translational researchers. MICHR has two specialists and one half-time statistician, assisted by faculty, who provide pre-award services to investigators at no charge. These free services include assisting in designing, writing, and submitting external grant proposals. Post-award, costs are often incorporated into the grant proposal, based on estimated effort provided by required MICHR staff, such as biostatisticians, database managers, etc. Otherwise, there are cost-recovery fees charged for per-use services, such as biorepository storage and processing. Contact us at 734-998-7474 for more information.


Please visit the calendar links on the right side menu to make sure you're "in the loop" with current events!


Animal Research

UCUCA Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, International (AAALAC) Site Visit Will Be in March 2011

The Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, International (AAALAC) has confirmed that they will be visiting the University of Michigan from March 7 – 11, 2011. AAALAC's voluntary accreditation process allows research programs to demonstrate that they meet the minimum standards required by law, and are also going the extra step to achieve excellence in animal care and use. In addition to visiting all animal housing and support areas, they have requested to visit areas where animals are used for surgery (both recovery and non-recovery of rodents) during this triennial visit. If you are conducting surgery on animals in your laboratory, the UCUCA Office will be visiting your lab prior to the AAALAC inspection and again with the site visitors during that week. Therefore, please ensure that your protocol is up to date with all applicable locations where your animals are used. If any changes need to be made, please submit them as soon as possible to the UCUCA Office ( or 734-763-8028).


Cytoscape Training Class

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Taubman Learning Center, 2802 Medical Sciences Building II

Presenter: Marci Brandenburg, M.S., M.S.I., Bioinformationist, Taubman Health Sciences Library, University of Michigan
Sponsored by the Taubman Health Sciences Library

This hands-on workshop will present an overview of Cytoscape, an open source molecular interactions visualization tool. Cytoscape allows you to explore molecular interactions and biological pathways and integrates these networks with annotations, gene expression profiles and other state data. Cytoscape can facilitate filtering, clustering and searching of your interactions. Many additional features are available through its extensive list of plug-ins. We will explore several of these plug-ins including: Michigan Molecular Interactions (a molecular interactions tool), Metscape (a metabolite exploration tool), MCODE (cluster finding tool), and BINGO (Gene Ontology tool).

Register for this workshop.

NIH Requirements for My Bibliography and eRA Commons

Thursday, March 17, 2011
2:00 - 3:30 PM
M3330 Medical Science I Building (Medical Campus)

Ever since the NIH Public Access Policy was instituted and put into effect on April 7, 2008, Principal Investigators (PIs) and Program Directors (PDs) have used eRA (electronic Research Administration) Commons as a repository for their bibliographies or lists of their authored publications/research. To comply with NIH’s Public Access policy, it is now mandated that Principal Investigators (PIs) and Program Directors (PDs) use My NCBI’s online portal “My Bibliography” to manage their bibliographies. Citations must be added to My Bibliography to ensure that they appear in eRA Commons and thereby become associated with future annual progress reports. My Bibliography helps users address NIH Public Access compliance by assigning the appropriate NIH grant(s) with publications and expedites and facilitates their deposit into the National Institutes of Health Manuscript Submission System (NIHMS).

This lecture will provide a succinct overview of the NIH Public Access Policy, explaining the use of the My NCBI’s My Bibliography for managing eRA Commons and for complying with the NIH Public Access Policy. To register, please send an email to (

Mouse Embryonic Stem (ES) Cell Training Course

The University of Michigan Transgenic Animal Model Core will conduct a Mouse Embryonic Stem (ES) Cell Training Course from March 21-31, 2011. Through this course, you will learn:

  • How to manipulate mouse embryonic stem cells in culture.
  • About the international KOMP project to knockout every gene in the mouse and how to access these resources.
  • The principles of gene-targeting design and how to plan a gene knockout project.
  • About  the resources available to you in the Transgenic Core.

After attending, you should be able to design genetic modifications and produce them in ES cells and mice.  View a sample syllabus online.

Suggestions for special topics in the afternoon seminars are welcomed.

There is a $1,300 fee to defray costs. Contact Thom Saunders ( to reserve a place in the class.

Research Proposal Writing Workshop

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Michigan Union, Pendleton Room

Presenter: Christine K. Black, M.L.S., Assistant Director of Research Services, Medical School Office of Research
Sponsored by the UM Division of Research Development and Administration (DRDA)

Geared toward writing proposals for research grants, this workshop will be an intensive overview of the narrative portion of a proposal from the perspective of the reviewer. Areas covered will include: approaching a sponsor, components of a proposal (including budget), matching the narrative to the sponsor's guidelines, writing style and common errors to avoid. DRDA Project Representatives will join in the discussion of budget-related items. Sample proposals will be reviewed, and there will be plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.
Registration Fee: $20 (includes breakfast)
Register for this workshop.


Abstracts listed here are general information about these funding programs. We strongly urge interested applicants to visit the listed website to verify complete eligibility, program information, and application procedures before submitting an application.

Follow this link to search for other funding and recognition opportunities. This webpage contains information on email alert groups, internal grant programs, upcoming limited submissions, and links to extramural funding search engines.

Internal Submissions

Michigan Metabolomics and Obesity Center / Michigan Nutrition Obesity Research Center Pilot and Feasibility Study Grant Program
Deadline: March 15, 2011 (5:00 PM)

The Michigan Metabolomics and Obesity Center (MMOC) and the Michigan Nutrition Obesity Research Center (MNORC) announce their 2011 call for proposals to promote interdisciplinary, cross-organizational, collaborative research to advance cutting-edge research at the University of Michigan on nutrition, obesity and related diseases. Proposals can receive one year of support with funding of up to $50,000. Anticipated funding to begin July 1, 2011. For the application and further instructions, visit the MMOC website.

Michigan George M. O’Brien Renal Core Center Pilot/Feasibility Study Grant Program
Deadline: March 18, 2011 (Letter of Intent)

The Michigan George M. O’Brien Renal Core Center has announced the availability of funds to support pilot/feasibility research in kidney disease. Up to $50,000 per year for up to two years is available per award. Funding for the Pilot/Feasibility projects is provided by the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases via the O’Brien Renal Core Center.

Eligibility criteria may be found in the O’Brien Pilot/Feasibility Announcement.

Final applications are due on May 2, 2011. For further information, please contact Dr. Roger Wiggins ( or Denise Taylor-Moon (

Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research (MICHR) Postdoctoral Translational Scholars Program
Deadline: April 11, 2011

Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research (MICHR) is seeking applicants for its Postdoctoral Translational Scholars Program (PTSP), which provides selected trainees with a $100,000 career development award to be used over 2-3 years. The PTSP is a multidisciplinary career development award designed to prepare individuals with a Ph.D. in biomedical science or social science disciplines for independent careers in translational research.

The application process is open to individuals who are interested in additional training in translational sciences. In the past, awardees have come from areas as diverse as engineering and economics in addition to the more traditional health disciplines. Applicants do not need to be affiliated with the University of Michigan; however, applicants from other institutions must establish a fellowship relationship with a U-M faculty member before applying for the PTSP.

PTSP training is tailored to the individual researcher’s needs and includes the opportunity to pursue a variety of educational offerings such as a clinical immersion experience and didactic course work in regulation sciences, research ethics, biostatistics, or specialty electives related to the person’s field of interest. Scholars are required to complete a translational research project. All scholars have a cross-disciplinary mentoring team to assist them with their career development and the research project. Postdoctoral Translational Scholars will be expected to commit 50-75% of full-time effort to the program.
Submit an application or learn more about the PTSP.

MICHR offers 360° support for clinical research studies. Our mission is to enable and enhance clinical and translational research. Our team of more than 100 professionals serve University of Michigan research teams from development of an idea to promotion of findings. We are moving medicine and public health forward by providing pilot grant funding, training the next generation of researchers, and recruiting volunteers for clinical trials. We also offer a variety of research management support services, including consultation, project management, regulatory support, biostatistical analysis, data management, outpatient and mobile nursing services, specimen storage and analysis in our biorepository, biomedical informatics, and more.

Over the past two years, we’ve increased the number of research projects we’ve supported by 49% to 484, the number of research team members who’ve benefitted from our programs and services by 14% to 753, dollars disbursed to trainees by 26% to $2.4M, and the number of publications generated by MICHR-supported research by 100% to 118. Since 2007, we’ve provided $5.9M in pilot grant funding to researchers from an array of disciplines. We also have nearly 8,000 volunteers registered for clinical trials at

MICHR's main location is in the North Campus Research Complex, on the southeast corner of Huron Parkway and Plymouth Road in northeast Ann Arbor. The Michigan Clinical Research Unit (MCRU) has an extended stay unit with five beds that are used for overnight clinical research activities and five exam rooms for outpatient activities in the lower level of the Cardiovascular Center (CVC). We also have three outpatient facilities: an extension in Lobby M at Domino's Farms; an extension at the Burlington Office Center; and an extension at the Rachel Upjohn Building.

For more information about MICHR, please call 734.998-7474, email (, or visit the MICHR website.

External Limited Submissions

These are opportunities in which the sponsor has limited the number of proposals allowed from an institution. These competitions require an internal review to select the proposals to submit to the sponsor from the University of Michigan.

Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. Foundation Grant Program
Internal Deadline: March 10, 2011

The basic aim of the Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. Foundation is to advance knowledge in the various fields of medical and health research. It is further the general aims to (1) confine contributions to those worthy projects that are in need of initial start-up funding to move the projects forward to the point of other independent support or (2) support highly promising young investigators (e.g. have not been a PI on an R01) at the time when start-up funds are limited and initial progress is dependent on additional funding. The Foundation is most interested in basic research with upstream potential for impacting disease.

The applicant must have a permanent appointment in the Medical School. For example: Those with titles of Clinical Lecturer or Clinical Instructor would not qualify for this funding program, as these are not permanent appointments. Those with titles of Research Investigators  and Research Assistant Professor are eligible for this award, as these are permanent positions.

It is not the intent to support projects that are already under way and are already receiving significant grant support to provide long-range funding beyond an initial three-year period of support. The Foundation will not fund overhead, and grants will be made and restricted to domestic institutions.

Grants are made in the amount of $50,000 - $75,000 per year for a period of one to three years and are contingent upon a yearly progress report by the applicant. The Foundation reviews applications three times a year. The next Foundation deadline is May 1, 2011. The University of Michigan may submit a maximum of two proposals.

For consideration as an institutional nominee, submit the items below electronically in a single PDF document – in the order listed – by March 10, 2011 to (

Visit this webpage to download the cover sheet, see an FAQ document with information on the research plan and nominating letter, and view complete Foundation guidelines.

  • Cover sheet
  • Nominating letter from the department chair
  • 3-page research plan
  • NIH formatted biosketch

We acknowledge receipt of all electronic submissions. If you do not receive a response from us by the end of the next business day, please call us at 734-763-4086. Contact Kathryn Ridner at 734-763-4086 or ( with any questions.

External Open Submissions

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program
Deadline: March 16, 2011 (3:00 PM EDT)

The Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program offers postdoctoral research awards to support the research and career development of physicians from historically disadvantaged backgrounds who are committed to developing careers in academic medicine and to serving as role models for students and faculty of similar background. The program defines the term “historically disadvantaged” to mean the challenges facing individuals because of their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status or similar factors.

The foundation will fund up to eight four-year awards in this grant cycle. Scholars will receive an annual stipend of up to $75,000 each, complemented by a $30,000 annual grant toward support of research activities.

To be eligible to submit a brief proposal, applicants must be physicians who are:

  • from historically disadvantaged backgrounds (ethnic, financial or educational);
  • citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its territories at the time of application; and
  • now completing or have completed their formal clinical training. (The foundation will give preference to physicians who have recently completed their formal clinical training.)

For complete details, visit the website.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Biomarkers for the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis Grant Program
Deadline: March 31, 2011 – 10:00 AM PST (Letter of Inquiry)

This grant program is part of the Grand Challenges in Global Health initiative and seeks to validate biomarkers for use in developing a low cost, simple to use test that can quickly and accurately diagnose tuberculosis in low-resource settings. The term biomarker is intended to include all types of markers that have potential utility for tuberculosis diagnosis and can include markers associated with either host or pathogen biology.

The Foundation is willing to invest up to a total of $12 million (split between Phase 1 and Phase 2) for validation of biomarkers for the diagnosis of TB. Proposals for Phase 1 funding are eligible for up to $750,000 total cost per project in funding for Phase 1 (up to 24 months). See details and application instructions online.


External Awarded Grants

An asterisk next to a name means that they are the Contact PI for the program, since some projects are awarded with multiple PIs.

Click here to view.

Biological Chemistry

PI: *Andrews,Philip
Title: International Data Exchange and Data Representation Standards for Proteomics
Sponsor: European Union
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/01/11-12/31/13; $320,518

PI: *Banerjee,Ruma
Title: Classical Homocystinuria (Due to Cystathionine Beta-Synthase [CBS] Deficiency)
Sponsor: National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc. (NORD)
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 12/15/10-12/14/11; $30,000

Comprehensive Cancer Center

PI: *Chinnaiyan,Arul
Title: S10-029 Technical Proposal: caBIG Tissue Bank and Pathology Tools (TBPT) and Prostate SPOREs Next Steps in caTISSUE Development
Sponsor: NIH - Subcontracts TO SAIC
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 06/01/10-05/31/11; $45,454

Center for Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics

PI: *Nelson,Patrick
Title: Career Awards at the Scientific Interface (SASI):  Dr. Patrick Nelson
Sponsor: Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/01/02-12/31/10; $538,000

Internal Medicine

PI: *Aaronson,Keith / Pagani,Francis
Title: Randomized Evaluation of VAD InterVEntion before Inotropic Therapy (REVIVE-IT) Pilot Trial
Sponsor: NIH   N01
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/15/11-01/14/16; $4,952,781

PI: *Conjeevaram,Hari
Title: GI Fellows Educational Support
Sponsor: Genentech, Inc.
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 03/04/11-03/05/11; $5,000

PI: *Conjeevaram,Hari
Title: GI Fellows Educational Support
Sponsor: Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 05/07/11-12/31/11; $2,000

PI: *Erba,Harry
Title: A Phase I Trial of Tamibarotene and Arsenic Trioxide for the Treatment of Relapsed Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia
Sponsor: CytRx Corporation TO Northwestern University
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/19/11-08/31/13; $11,051

PI: *Fontana,Robert
Co-I: Bieliauskas, Linas (Psychiatry Department)
Title: A Multi-Center Group to Study Acute Liver Failure
Sponsor: NIH - Subcontracts TO University Of Texas Southwest  U01 DK 058369
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 09/01/10-08/31/11; $123,600

PI: *Hayes,Daniel
Title: Correlative to UAB 1028: An Open Label, Randomized, Phase II Trial of Abraxane (Paclitaxel Albumin-Bound particles for Injectable Suspension), with or without Tigatuzumab (a Humanized Monoclonal Antibody Targeting Death Receptor 5) in Patients with Metastatic, Triple negative (ER, PR, and HER-2 Negative) Breast Cancer
Sponsor: Susan G. Komen for the Cure TO University of Alabama
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 10/26/10-09/14/14; $94,500

PI: *Herman,William
Title: Sweet Taste Perceptions and Preferences, Obesity, and Type 2 Diabetes
Sponsor: Merck and Company, Inc. TO American Diabetes Assoc, Inc.
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/01/11-12/31/12; $150,000

PI: *Higgins,Peter
Title: Prospective, Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial Comparing REMICADE (Infliximab) and Placebo in the Prevention of Recurrence in Crohn's Disease Patients Undergoing Surgical Resection Who Are at an Increased Risk of Recurrence
Sponsor: Centocor, Inc. TO Parexel International Corp
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/06/11-06/30/14; $224,553

PI: *Jakubowiak,Andrzej
Co-I: Griffith, Kent (Univ of Mich Cancer Center)
Title: 2011_MMRC Site Clinical Trials Core Grant Agreement
Sponsor: Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/01/11-12/31/11; $45,000

PI: *Jalife,Jose
Title: Structural and Molecular Basis of Drug-Induced IkACh Reduction
Sponsor: NIH  1 K99 HL 105574 01
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/01/11-12/31/12; $192,990

PI: *Marks,Rory
Title: ACR REF/Amgen/Pfizer Rheumatology Fellowship Training Award
Sponsor: Amer College of Rheumatology
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 07/01/11-06/30/12; $25,000

PI: *Martinez,Fernando
Co-I: Arenberg, Douglas (Int Med-Pulm./Critical Care) / Curtis, Jeffrey (Int Med-Pulm./Critical Care) / Flaherty, Kevin (Int Med-Pulm./Critical Care) / Giordano, Thomas (Pathology Department) / Hogaboam, Cory (Pathology Department) / Kazerooni, Ella (Department of Radiology) / Mahidhara, Raja (Thoracic Surgery Section) / Myers, Jeffrey (Pathology Department) / Toews, Galen (Int Med-Pulm./Critical Care)
Title: NHLBI LTRC Clinical Center
Sponsor: NIH   N01 HL
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/03/11-01/02/15; $3,038,281

PI: *Mineishi,Shin
Title: 2009.077 A Multi-center, Phase 2, Single-Arm, Open-Label Exploratory Study of Individually-Optimized Conditioning Using Pharmacokinetics [PK]-directed Dose Adjustment of Once Daily Intravenous Busulfan, Followed by Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant in Subjects with Non-Hodgkin?s Lymphoma and Hodgkin?s Lymphoma
Sponsor: Otsuka America Pharm, Inc.
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/19/11-05/31/15; $204,736

PI: *Saran,Rajiv
Co-I: Gillespie, Brenda (Ctr Statistical Consul & Res) / Heung, Michael (Int Med-Nephrology) / Hummel, Scott (Int Med-Cardiology)
Title: Establishment of a Collaborative for Clinical/Translational Research between the Renal Research Institute (RRI) and the UM-Kidney Epidemiology and Cost Center
Sponsor: Renal Research Institute, LLC
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/01/11-12/31/11; $235,000

PI: *Schiopu,Elena
Title: A Phase 2 Open-Label Study to Evaluate the Long-term Safety of Sifalimumab in Adult Subjects with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or Myositis
Sponsor: MedImmune, Inc. TO PPD, Inc.
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 12/16/10-12/31/15; $243,698

PI: *Zimmermann,Ellen
Sponsor: UCB
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 11/30/10-08/31/11; $53,681

Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute

PI: *Akil,Huda
Co-I: Watson, Stanley (Molecular & Behav Neurosc Inst)
Title: The Developmental Neurobiology of the Separation Distress Circuit (SDC) in Rat Mechanisms of Vulnerability and Resilience
Sponsor: Hope For Depression Research Foundation
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/01/11-12/31/12; $400,000


PI: *Dayalu,Praveen
Title: A Phase 2, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Davunetide for the Treatment of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.
Sponsor: Allon Therapeutics, Inc.
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/25/11-01/24/13; $185,487

PI: *Paulson,Henry
Title: Developing a SCA3 Therapeutic: Small Molecules that Reduce Levels of Mutant Ataxin-3
Sponsor: National Ataxia Foundation
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/01/11-12/31/11; $35,000

PI: *Segal,Benjamin
Title: An Extension Protocol for multiple Sclerosis Patients Who Participated in Genzyme Sponsored Studies of Alemtuzumab
Sponsor: Genzyme Corporation
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/01/11-12/31/13; $139,868

Obstetrics & Gynecology

PI: *Fisseha,Senait
Title: Use of High Cost Monitoring During Letrozole Ovulation and Effect on Pregnancy Rates
Sponsor: Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Mi.
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 02/01/11-01/31/12; $10,000

Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

PI: *Antonetti,David
Sponsor: Research To Prevent Blindness
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/01/11-12/31/15; $500,000

PI: *Musch,David
Co-I: Stein, Joshua (Ophthalmology & Visual Science)
Title: Value Estimation Project in Glaucoma (Module III)
Sponsor: Pfizer Incorporated
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 11/12/10-11/11/12; $109,245


PI: *Beecher,Christopher
Title: Metabolomic Analysis -  Array BioPharma Inc.
Sponsor: Array BioPharma
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/24/11-01/31/14; $130,000

PI: *Beecher,Christopher
Title: GSK Bulk Service Agreement
Sponsor: Glaxosmithkline
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/01/11-12/31/15; $1,168,310

PI: *Bhagavathula,Narasimharao
Co-I: Dame, Michael (Pathology Department)
Title: Proposal to Evaluate Eight Compounds for Activity Against-EGF-Stimulated Epidermal Hyperplasia.:  Cell Culture Studies
Sponsor: JV Biolabs
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 12/20/10-12/31/11; $38,000

PI: *Lukacs,Nicholas
Title: Blockade of Chemokine-Mediated Responses
Sponsor: Carolus Therapeutics, Inc
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 12/20/10-06/30/11; $22,800

PI: *Varani,James
Co-I: Bhagavathula, Narasimharao (Pathology Department)
Sponsor: Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Sciences
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 02/01/11-12/31/11; $40,300

Pediatrics & Communicable Diseases

PI: *Adams,Barbara
Sponsor: NIH - Subcontracts TO Duke University  RC2 AR 058934
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 09/01/10-08/31/11; $13,759

PI: *Dowling,James
Title: Neuromuscular Junction Transmission and Myotubular Myopathy
Sponsor: Muscular Dystrophy Assoc.
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 02/01/11-01/31/14; $357,342

PI: *Hershenson,Marc
Co-I: Lukacs, Nicholas (Pathology Department) / Lumeng, Carey (Pediatrics-Pulmonary Medicine) / Miller, David (Int Med-Infectious Diseases)
Title: Rhinovirus and Airway Epithelial Cell Responses
Sponsor: NIH  1 R01 HL 081420 06 A1
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 12/13/10-11/30/14; $1,465,269

PI: *Levine,John
Co-I: Braun, Thomas (Biostatistics Department) / Ferrara, James (Pediatrics-Hematology/Oncology) / Kitko, Carrie (Pediatrics-Hematology/Oncology) / Mineishi, Shin (Int Med-Hematology/Oncology) / Paczesny, Sophie (Pediatrics-Hematology/Oncology)
Title: Phase II Study of a Novel GVHD Prevention Strategy: Etanercept and Photopheresis
Sponsor: NIH  1 R34 HL 105776 01
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 02/01/11-01/31/14; $699,126

PI: *Lumeng,Carey
Title: Regulation of Adipose Tissue Inflammation by Antigen Presenting Cells
Sponsor: NIH  1 R01 DK 090262 01
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/11/11-12/31/15; $1,649,670

PI: *Tulsky,David
Title: RRTC on Improving Measurement of Medical Rehabilitation Outcomes
Sponsor: Education, Department of-Subcontracts TO Rehabiliation Institute of Chicago
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 10/01/10-09/30/11; $186,898

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

PI: *Tulsky,David
Title: The Northern New Jersey Spinal Cord Injury Model Care System of Care
Sponsor: Education, Department of-Subcontracts TO Kessler Foundation
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 08/26/10-09/30/11; $142,124


PI: *Liberzon,Israel
Co-I: Kim, Hyungjin (Ctr Statistical Consul & Res) / King, Anthony (Psychiatry Department)
Title: Randomized Trial of Sertraline, Prolonged Exposure and their Combination for PTSD and OEF/OIF
Sponsor: Defense, Department of-Army, Department of the-Subcontracts TO Veterans Education & Research Assoc of MI (VERAM)
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 12/01/10-11/30/15; $1,454,420

PI: *McInnis,Melvin
Co-I: Kerber, Kevin (Psychiatry Department)
Title: Comparative Effectiveness of a Second Generation Antipsychotic Vs. an Antimanic Mood
Sponsor: AHRQ TO Massachusetts General Hospital  R01 HS 019371
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 09/30/10-09/29/11; $203,747

PI: *McInnis,Melvin
Co-I: Kerber, Kevin (Psychiatry Department)
Title: Evidence Based Biomarkers to Select Personalized Treatment in Bipolar Disorder
Sponsor: NIH - Subcontracts TO Massachusetts General Hospital  R01 HS 019371
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 09/30/10-09/29/11; $203,747


PI: *Kilbourn,Michael
Title: Bayer Tech Transfer
Sponsor: Bayer Schering Pharma AG
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/25/11-01/24/14; $130,900

PI: *Kilbourn,Michael
Sponsor: GE Healthcare
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 10/01/09-05/31/12; $424,000

PI: *Raffel,David
Co-I: Jung, Yong-Woon (Department of Radiology)
Title: Development of Commerically Feasible Method for 18F Labeling of Ring-Fluorinated Hydroxyphenethylguanidines
Sponsor: Bayer Schering Pharma AG
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 12/03/10-06/02/11; $150,000


PI: *Deeb,G
Co-I: Brown, Devin (Neurology Department) / Chetcuti, Stanley (Int Med-Cardiology) / Grossman, Paul (Int Med-Cardiology) / Patel, Himanshu (Cardiac Surgery Section) / Zahuranec, Darin (Neurology Department)
Title: Medtronic CoreValve U.S. Pivotal Trial
Sponsor: Medtronic, Inc.
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/14/11-12/31/17; $1,365,664

PI: *Mychaliska,George
Title: Development of an Artificial Placenta:  The Effect of Venovenous Extracorporeal Life Support on Fetal Circulation
Sponsor: The Hartwell Foundation
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/01/11-12/31/12; $100,000

Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine

PI: *Nemzek,Jean
Title: Safety and Performance Evaluation of ExThera Seraph Hemofilter
Sponsor: ExThera Medical LLC
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/01/11-06/30/11; $15,000


PI: *Ohl,Dana
Title: A Phase 3, Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study of the Safety and Effectiveness of AA4500 Administered Twice Per Treatment Cycle For Up To Four Treatment Cycles (2 x 4) in Men with Peyronie's Disease
Sponsor: Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 11/02/10-11/01/11; $127,551

PI: *Roberts,William
Title: Treatment Strategy for Histotripsy Homogenization of Prostate Part 1: Management of Prostatic Urethra
Sponsor: Histosonics
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/01/11-12/31/11; $73,788

PI: *Wei,John
Co-I: An, Lawrence (Int Med-General Medicine) / Heidelbaugh, Joel (Family Medicine) / Jimbo, Masahito (Family Medicine) / Montie, James (Urology Surgery) / Piette, John (Int Med-General Medicine) / Rew, Karl (Family Medicine)
Title: Activating Patients to Improve Prostate Cancer Care
Sponsor: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 10/01/10-09/30/11; $100,000


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Books – Chapters or Volumes of Books – Contributions to Books


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