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MAY 2010, Vol. 28

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Resource Profiles – A New Tool on the Web from the Office of Research!

The Office of Research has developed a new, online document called “UMMS Resource Profiles.” The document contains descriptions of units and resources at UMHS and elsewhere on campus. These boilerplate descriptions are meant to be adapted by the user to fit his or her needs, e.g., marketing, recruiting, writing grant proposal resource sections.

You may access the beta version at ( During this rollout phase, we ask that you read pertinent sections and give us additions, revisions, or feedback. Please send suggestions to ( Once UMMS personnel have reviewed the document, we will make a public link available (July 2010). You may start using this document immediately. We will be constantly editing and updating to make this document as useful as possible.

Protein Structure Facility – UM’s One-stop Shop for Proteomics and Peptide Synthesis Services
PSF Logo

The Protein Structure Facility, a part of the Biomedical Research Core Facilities (BRCF), is the only core laboratory providing both proteomics and peptide synthesis services to the entire research community at UM.


The BRCF Protein Structure Facility expanded its capabilities to offer a comprehensive suite of proteomics services including:

  • Protein identification
  • Analysis of posttranslational modifications (e.g. phosphorylation site mapping)
  • Protein quantification (protein expression, relative and absolute quantification)
  • Analysis of protein cleavage sites (N-terminal sequencing)
  • Characterization of intact proteins (e.g. accurate mass measurements)
  • Biomarker services  (discovery, assay development and testing)

Project consultation, protocols for sample preparation as well as data reporting, interpretation, and discussion provide additional value to the investigator.

Peptide Synthesis

The peptide synthesis laboratory provides an extensive repertoire of routine and sophisticated synthesis options including (fluorophore) labeled and cyclic peptides. Heavy isotope labeled peptides are manufactured at competitive prices to meet the demand for reference standards in quantitative proteomics research.  Additional small-scale synthesis options will be available later this summer.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

The Protein Structure Facility provides quality solutions to fit the investigator’s project scope and budget. Contact Dr. Henriette Remmer ( or 734-763-6285) to schedule a consultation. For more information, please visit the Protein Structure Facility website at (  Click here to add your name to our mailing list for upcoming news and announcements.

UMMS Dean’s Faculty Research Awards
Deadline: June 30, 2010

Basic Science Research Award

The Medical School Dean’s Office is soliciting nominations for the Basic Science Research Award. This award recognizes a scientist or group of scientists identified as having made outstanding contributions to the Medical School in basic biomedical science research. The award carries a $5,000 discretionary academic support prize, which will be given to the faculty member or group.

There is a two-stage selection process. Nominations are reviewed by the Biomedical Research Council, and a list of potential awardees is given to the Dean of the Medical School. The Dean makes the final selection.

Nominees must be in the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor, or Assistant or Associate Research Professor of the University of Michigan Medical School. See the website for complete instructions for submission.

Clinical & Health Services Research Award

This award recognizes a faculty member or group of faculty members who are identified as having made outstanding contributions to the Medical School in clinical or health services research. This award carries a $5,000 discretionary academic support prize, which will be given to the faculty member or group.

There is a two-stage selection process. Nominations submitted to the selection committee will be reviewed and a list of potential awardees given to the Dean of the Medical School. The Dean makes the final selection.

Nominees must be University of Michigan Medical School faculty at the level of Assistant or Associate Professor, Professor, or Assistant or Associate Research Professor, or Research Professor. See the website for complete instructions for submission.

Annual Outside Interests, Activities, or Relationships Reports Required Using M-Inform
Reporting Begins: July 1, 2010 – Deadline: July 31, 2010

As in previous years, UMHS Policy 01-04-003 requires that all Medical School faculty members (instructional, clinical and research tracks) and House Officers report outside interests, activities, or relationships related to their work or position at UMHS that have the real or perceived potential to result in benefit to them or their spouses, domestic partners, or dependents.

  • “Related” means an interest, activity, or relationship that relies upon or has the potential to influence Faculty and House Officers’ clinical, research, teaching, or other expertise that the University considers part of their work at UMHS.
  • Examples include an equity interest or owning stock in a company; licensed intellectual property for which one could receive royalties; unpaid or paid consulting with a drug company. For more examples see the COI Guidance Page.
  • Note: Gifts, salary, and other support from an outside entity (e.g., NIH, Pfizer) that are administered by DRDA or a University development office do not constitute an outside interest.

To comply with this UMHS Conflict of Interest policy, certain executives and management staff must also disclose their outside interests, activities, or relationships for themselves and their family members.

Key Points Include:

  1. The Outside Interest Reporting Form (M-Inform) must be completed between July 1 and July 31.
  2. Reporting forms will be reviewed between August 1 and August 31, with follow-up as needed.
  3. Upon signing and submitting the form, MLearning will track one’s completion.
  4. Reports and any additional information gathered shall be treated as sensitive data, and access to this information granted only to those University or UMHS personnel requiring such information to perform their duties.
  5. The UMHS Conflict of Interest and Outside Interest Disclosures website ( is available to provide additional information on this process.

Access to M-Inform is at ( This electronic format provides an easy mechanism for submitting reports and allows participants to copy activities disclosed in 2009 or previous years into their 2010 record as needed. Additional information can be found at (, and additional support is available by contacting (

UM Gets $63 Million NIH Grant for SWOG Cancer Trials Network

Noting that the organization's research "has touched the lives of virtually every adult cancer patient in this nation," the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has renewed the UM based Southwest Oncology Group's operating grants for six years, with a total funding package over that period expected to exceed $120 million.

The principal grant, more than $63 million, will be administered by the University of Michigan, and is the largest single research award ever to the UM Medical School. Most of the remainder of the NCI package will be distributed directly to the Group's member institutions.

Additional information is available in this press release.

First Medical Technology Spinoff Company for Medical Innovation Center

The first class of Innovation Fellows from the Medical Innovation Center finalized the licensing of their technology with the Office of Technology Transfer.  The technology they prototyped during their fellowship program was licensed to the company they created in 2009, Tangent Medical Technologies Inc.  The University of Michigan holds an equity position in the new company. The fellowship class developed a new design for the ubiquitous IV catheter and attracted an angel investor who now serves as their CEO.  For the background story on the fellows and their invention, visit (

Medical Innovation Center Extends Its Reach to Virginia

The FDA awarded additional funding of over $300,000 to the Medical Innovation Center to assist with the launch of a pediatric device consortium in Roanoke, Virginia.  The new consortium will be led by PMDI (Pediatric Medical Device Institute), a not-for-profit organization that was created to assist a network of 12 children's hospitals commercialize pediatric device ideas.  This funding is incremental to the original $2M awarded to launch MPED, the University of Michigan's own Pediatric Device Consortium.  For more information about the Consortia, visit   (

CRAO Is a New eResearch Ancillary Committee!
You Are Invited and Encouraged to Attend a Q&A Session

The following announcement is made on behalf of Steve Kunkel, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean for Research and Teri Grieb, Ph.D., Senior Director for Research, Office of Research:

The Clinical Research Calendar Review & Analysis Office (CRAO), which is a part of the Medical School Office of Research and was formerly known as the Clinical Research Billing Unit (CRBU), was included as an Ancillary Committee as part of Release 2.3 in eResearch on Friday, March 26, 2010.

Beginning with Release 2.3, PI/study teams are now required to submit the research billing calendar to CRAO prior to receiving IRBMED approval.

This new workflow will remove current bottlenecks and increase efficiency in the development of a research billing calendar and associated documents, such as the protocol and informed consent.  The change in process will provide investigative teams with a single place to do their work, including uploading documents; eliminating multiple requests for the Principal Investigator/study team to respond to; and creating an environment where the CRAO and study teams can correspond similar to the current Core and Ancillary Committees.  In addition, this change will enhance CRAO coordination with IRBMED.  Importantly, this process is intended to make sure charges are appropriately allocated to study accounts, third-party payers, and/or subjects.

Q&A Sessions

In order to address questions from PI/study team members on this change in eResearch, we are holding a series of Q&A sessions conducted by Gina Vuocolo-Branch, Senior Manager, CRAO and Jan Hewett, Director, IRBMED.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
10:30 - 11:30 AM
M3330 Med Sci I

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
M3330 Med Sci I

"The Nuts & Bolts of Building a Research Billing Calendar" Workshop

In February and March 2010, the CRAO held several sessions of “The Nuts & Bolts of Building a Research Billing Calendar” workshop. This was a learning opportunity for those that are responsible for developing research billing calendars.  Attendees of the workshop learned why the billing calendar is required and valuable to the PI/study team, how to complete the calendar, and where to go for assistance in building a billing calendar. The workshop also included information on the enrollment process as well as a brief discussion of the CRAO as an Ancillary Committee. Gina Vuocolo-Branch, Senior Manager of the CRAO, presented (45 min) and then answered questions (30 min). If you were not able to attend a workshop, you may watch the video and access the PowerPoint presentation online.

* Please note that the above webpage is available only via U-M computers and computers that are logged in via a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

We thank you for your continued suggestions about your clinical research support needs. You can learn more about Clinical Research Billing on the CRAO website:

Contact Kathryn Ridner at ( or 734-763-4086 with any questions about the workshop or Q&A sessions.


Please visit the calendar links on the right side menu to make sure you're "in the loop" with current events!


Animal Research

A Reminder About Procedures and Training for New Staff in Labs

As summer is quickly approaching, many laboratories may be bringing in students or temporary staff for summer research projects. The UCUCA would like to remind you that any individual working with animals in research must be listed on an approved UCUCA protocol. Additionally, the UCUCA does require a number of training courses for animal users. Because summer projects can be time sensitive, it would helpful to begin the process of adding students to your protocol and arranging for attendance to training courses as soon as possible to expedite these processes. Please contact the UCUCA office to have students added to your animal care and use protocols.

Once you have notified the UCUCA, please arrange for students to take UCUCA required courses as soon as possible. The following courses should be considered (schedules can be found at

  • Orientation to Animal Care and Use at the University of Michigan (Lecture)
  • Introduction to Species – Required for any species an individual will be working with (e.g. Introduction to Laboratory Mice and Rats, Introduction to the Laboratory Dog, etc.) (Lecture)
  • Rodent Survival Surgery – Only required for individuals that will be doing survival surgery on mice and rats. (Lecture)
  • Workshops for Mice and Rats – Handling and procedural wet-labs for users of mice and rats. Enrollment is limited to individuals on approved UCUCA protocols.
  • ULAM Hazard Containment – Only required for individuals working with hazardous materials in animals. (Lecture)

If you have a large number of students or staff joining your laboratory at one time, you can arrange for a trainer to come to your laboratory and provide courses directly for your group. Please contact the ULAM Training Core at (

For additional questions regarding UCUCA protocols, please contact the UCUCA office at 734-936-8028 or (

For additional questions regarding required courses please contact the ULAM Training Core at 734-763-8039 or (


Shipping Specimens with Dry Ice

OSEH is receiving indications that researchers are undertaking shipments of specimens with dry ice refrigerant, but who lack training and experience in properly packaging and shipping with that hazardous material (yes, dry ice is considered a HazMat by the U.S. Department of Transportation – Federal Aviation Administration).  This type of activity is highly regulated by the government and requires specific training/certification in order to successfully and legally ship hazardous materials, including dry ice.  For more information, please review the OSEH Guideline on shipping specimens with dry ice refrigerant.

Anesthetic Gas Use in Animal Surgery

OSEH is receiving indications that researchers who use anesthetic machines to treat animals prior to surgery may be using improper flow-rates, and thus are exposing themselves to high levels of waste anesthetic gases (WAG).  Some of this activity may result from under-training, lack of awareness of the risks, or rushed methods.  In conjunction with OSEH, the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) will be undertaking outreach education on the proper set-up of these devices and flow-rates for safe use of anesthetic gases with research animals.  If there are any questions on this workplace risk, please contact our office at 734-763-6973.


The National Institutes of Public Health Public Access Policy

Do you still have questions about the NIH Public Access Policy? This presentation will clear up any confusion and answer any questions that you have about the Policy. It will clearly explain the Policy, when compliance is required, who is responsible for compliance, how to comply, and its impact on the NIH grant process. Sponsored by the Health Sciences Libraries, Taubman Medical Library.

Register for this class.

Friday, June 18, 2010
10:00 - 11:30 AM
3330 Medical Science I

Inserting Graphics into NIH Grant Applications

Recent changes in the NIH grant application reduce the number of pages available for the research plan, making proper placement of images, charts and graphics critical. This session will cover basic features in Microsoft Word to help with grant application preparation, including image placement, captioning and wordwrap. Following a brief presentation, instructors will assist you with specific issues you’re encountering in formatting your grant application – please feel free to bring sample documents! This workshop was developed in response to feedback from faculty members to both the Medical School Office of Research and the Health Sciences Libraries. Note: this session will be conducted using Word 2007 (docx). Documents created in the class can be saved in Word 2003 format (doc). Sponsored by the Health Sciences Libraries, Taubman Medical Library.  There are two sessions scheduled:

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
2:00 - 3:00 PM
Taubman Learning Center, 2802 Medical Sciences Building II
Register for this session.

Thursday, August 5, 2010
10:00 - 11:00 AM
Taubman Learning Center, 2802 Medical Sciences Building II
Register for this session.


Abstracts listed here are general information about these funding programs. We strongly urge interested applicants to visit the listed website to verify complete eligibility, program information, and application procedures before submitting an application.

Follow this link to search for other funding and recognition opportunities. This webpage contains information on email alert groups, internal grant programs, upcoming limited submissions, and links to extramural funding search engines.

External Limited Submissions

These are opportunities in which the sponsor has limited the number of proposals allowed from an institution. These competitions require an internal review to select the proposals to submit to the sponsor from the University of Michigan.

Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. Foundation Grant Program
Internal Deadline: June 8, 2010

The basic aim of the Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. Foundation is to advance knowledge in the various fields of medical and health research. It is further the general aims to (1) confine contributions to those worthy projects that are in need of initial start-up funding to move the projects forward to the point of other independent support or (2) support highly promising young investigators (e.g. have not been a PI on an R01) at the time when start-up funds are limited and initial progress is dependent on additional funding. The Foundation is most interested in basic research with upstream potential for impacting disease.

The applicant must have a tenure-track appointment in the Medical School. Those with titles of Clinical Lecturer or Clinical Instructor would not qualify for this funding program, as these are not tenure-track appointments. Research Investigators are eligible for this award.

It is not the intent to support projects that are already under way and are already receiving significant grant support to provide long-range funding beyond an initial three-year period of support. The Foundation will not fund overhead, and grants will be made and restricted to domestic institutions.

Grants are made in the amount of $50,000 - $75,000 per year for a period of one to three years and are contingent upon a yearly progress report by the applicant. The Foundation reviews applications three times a year. The next Foundation deadline is August 1, 2010. The University of Michigan may submit a maximum of three proposals.

For consideration as an institutional nominee, submit the following electronically in a single PDF document – in the order listed – by June 8, 2010 to (

  • Cover sheet (downloaded from the website below)
  • Nominating letter from the department chair
  • 2- to 4-page research plan (double-spaced)
  • NIH formatted biosketch

We acknowledge receipt of all electronic submissions. If you do not receive a response from us by the end of the next business day, please call us at 734-763-4086. Contact Kathryn Ridner at 734-763-4086 or ( with any questions. Please visit this website to download the cover sheet and view complete Foundation guidelines.

V Foundation for Cancer Research V Scholar Grant
Internal Deadline: June 14, 2010

The V Foundation, founded in 1993 by award-winning coach and commentator Jim Valvano, seeks to find a cure for cancer.  Funding is available for laboratory based fundamental and translational research through the V Scholar Grant.  Each grant will total $200,000, and is given in two yearly installments.  This grant has a zero indirect cost policy.

The UM Comprehensive Cancer Center may nominate one individual. To be eligible, the candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated expertise and promise in the designated areas of research
  • Completed at least two years of fellowship training
  • Currently hold a tenured track faculty position
  • No more than five years since joining the faculty as Instructor or Assistant Professor
  • No more than 10 years since terminal degree (M.D. or Ph.D.) – Exceptions must be approved prior to submission.
  • Not been promoted to Associate Professor

Researchers who have secured their own R01 funding are not eligible for this award.  Applicants with institutional or K08 awards are eligible.

Deadline for submission of a proposal to the Foundation is August 6, 2010.  Grants will be awarded in September 2010 and first payment will be made October 2010.

For consideration as the institutional nominee, submit the following electronically in a single PDF document – in the order listed – by June 14, 2010 to (

We acknowledge receipt of all electronic submissions. If you do not receive a response from us by the end of the next business day, please call us at 734-763-4086. Contact Kathryn Ridner at 734-763-4086 or ( with any questions. The V Foundation’s website is (

Deadline Watch

Click here to view.

Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research (MICHR) CTSA K – Mentored Clinical Scientists Career Development Program
Deadline: May 24, 2010


James T. Neubacher Award
Deadline: May 31, 2010

Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Award
Deadline: June 1, 2010 (Pre-Proposal)


External Awarded Grants

Click here to view.


PI: Clauw, Daniel
Co-I: Glass, Jennifer (Psychiatry Department) / Harte, Steven (Anesthesiology Department) / Williams, David (Anesthesiology Department)
Title: "A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Two-Way Crossover Study to Evaluate the Effects of Milnacipran on Pain Processing and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Activation Patterns in Patients with Fibromyalgia."
Sponsor: Forest Research Institute, Inc
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 02/01/10-06/30/11; $578,658

Biological Chemistry

PI: Andrews, Philip
Co-I: Nesvizhskii, Alexey (Pathology Department)
Sponsor: NIH  1 T32 CA 140044 01 A1
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 05/01/10-04/30/15; $1,035,791

PI: Kaufman, Randal
Sponsor: NIH  3 R37 DK 042394 11 S1
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 12/20/09-11/30/10; $99,000

PI: Vojtek, Anne
Sponsor: NIH  1 R21 AG 034264 01 A1
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/15/10-03/31/12; $344,704

Cell & Developmental Biology

PI: Giger, Roman
Sponsor: NIH  2 R56 NS 047333 06 A1
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 05/01/10-04/30/11; $424,722

Center for Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics

PI: Zhang, Yang
Title: I-TASSER Based Atomic-Level Protein Structure Prediction
Sponsor: NIH  7 R01 GM 083107 03
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 09/07/09-03/31/13; $997,892


PI: Maier, Lisa
Title: Investigation of the Topical Retinoid, Atralin gel 0.05% for the Treatment of Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea
Sponsor: Valeant Pharmaceuticals
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 03/04/10-12/31/11; $384,231

Emergency Medicine

PI: Scott, Phillip
Sponsor: CDC-Subcontracts TO MI, State Of Community Health
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 10/01/09-09/30/10; $11,520

Family Medicine

PI: Fetters, Michael
Co-I: Skye, Eric (Family Medicine)
Title: Shizuoka-University of Michigan Advanced Residency Training, Education and Research in Family Medicine (SMARTER Family Medicine)
Sponsor: Shizuoka Prefectural Government
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/01/10-03/31/14; $1,408,626

Human Genetics

PI: Antonellis, Anthony
Sponsor: Muscular Dystrophy Assoc. TO Thomas Jefferson University
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 01/01/10-12/31/10; $32,531

Internal Medicine

PI: Baker, Laurence
Co-I: Erba, Harry (Int Med-Hematology/Oncology) / Hayes, Daniel (Int Med-Hematology/Oncology) / Hoban, Carolyn (Int Med-Hematology/Oncology) / Pienta, Kenneth (Int Med-Hematology/Oncology) / Redman, Bruce (Int Med-Hematology/Oncology) / Schott, Anne (Int Med-Hematology/Oncology)
Sponsor: NIH  2 U10 CA 032102 31
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 03/23/10-12/31/15; $63,452,004

PI: Bixby, Dale
Sponsor: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 07/01/09-06/30/12; $195,000

PI: Chan, Kevin
Title: ARTEMIS-PH: A Phase 3, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Multi-Center, Parallel-Group Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Ambrisentan in Subjects with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Pulmonary Hypertension
Sponsor: Gilead Sciences, Inc. TO PPD, Inc.
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 12/28/09-09/30/11; $116,526

PI: Chang, Robert
Sponsor: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/12/10-04/11/11; $10,000

PI: Chugh, Aman
Co-I: Corbett, James (Radiology Department) / Koeppe, Robert (Radiology Department)
Sponsor: Medtronic, Inc.
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/12/10-04/11/11; $173,850

PI: Hussain, Maha
Title: A Pilot Study Combining ABT-888, an Oral PARP Inhibitor, with Temozolomide in Patients with Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer Who Have Failed Up to Two Non-Hormonal Systemic Therapies
Sponsor: Abbott Laboratories
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/26/10-04/30/13; $154,489

PI: Kaminski, Mark
Title: An Open-Label, Single-Arm, Phase 2 Study of Inotuzumab Ozogamicin Plus Rituximab in Subjects with Relapsed/Refractory CD22-Positive Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, Eligible for Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation:  2009.099
Sponsor: Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 03/22/10-03/21/13; $186,794

PI: Luan, Fu-Lung
Title: RAD US92
Sponsor: Novartis
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/13/10-05/11/13; $396,885

PI: Marotte, Hubert
Sponsor: Arthritis Foundation, The
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 07/01/10-06/30/12; $100,000

PI: Owyang, Chung
Co-I: Andrews, Philip (Biological Chemistry Dept) / Grabauskas, Gintautas (Int Med-Gastroenterology)
Sponsor: NIH  1 R01 DK 084039 01 A1
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 05/01/10-04/30/15; $1,676,556

PI: Patel, Dipak
Sponsor: Arthritis Foundation, The
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 07/01/10-06/30/12; $100,000

PI: Reddy, Pavan
Sponsor: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 07/01/10-06/30/15; $550,000

PI: Roychowdhury, Sameek
Title: Transcriptome Sequencing of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms
Sponsor: Amer Assoc for Cancer Research
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 07/01/10-06/30/11; $45,000

PI: Simon, Richard
Title: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Data Safety Monitoring Board
Sponsor: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 07/01/10-06/30/11; $26,568

PI: Smith, David
Title: An Open -Label, Single-Arm, Phase II Trial of Intravenous BI 6727 in Patients with Locally Advanced, Metastatic or Recurrent Urothelial Cancer of the Bladder, Renal Pelvis, or Ureters after Failure of Prior Chemotherapy
Sponsor: Boehringer Ingelheim, Ltd.
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/27/10-04/26/12; $396,118

PI: Witteman, Holly
Co-I: Chua, Hannah Faye (Hlth Behavior & Hlth Ed Dept)
Title: Development and Evaluation of Interactive Interfaces for Values Exploration and Clarification
Sponsor: Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/15/10-05/15/11; $25,000

PI: Worden, Francis
Title: A Double-Blind, Randomized Phase III Study Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Sorafenib Compared to Placebo in Locally Advanced/Metastatic RAI-Refractory Differentiated Thyroid Cancer
Sponsor: Bayer Corporation
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/22/10-04/21/13; $354,800

PI: Zhang, Yi
Co-I: Kuick, Rork (Univ of Mich Cancer Center)
Sponsor: American Cancer Society
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 07/01/10-06/30/14; $720,000

Molecular & Integrative Physiology

PI: MacDougald, Ormond
Sponsor: NIH  3 R01 DK 051563 13 S1
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 03/01/10-05/31/10; $92,377

PI: MacDougald, Ormond
Sponsor: NIH - Subcontracts TO Maine Medical Center 1 R24   01
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/28/10-11/30/10; $114,513


PI: Dauer, William
Title: The FADD/CASPASE-8 Pathway as a Mediator of LRRK2 Neurotoxicity
Sponsor: NIH - Subcontracts TO Columbia University
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 08/01/09-07/31/10; $282,771

PI: Leventhal, Daniel
Title: In Vivo Striatal Fast Spiking Interneuron Suppression using Optogenetic Techniques
Sponsor: Tourette Syndrome Assoc
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 07/01/10-06/30/11; $40,000

PI: Segal, Benjamin
Title: Multiple Sclerosis: A Heterogeneous Syndrome
Sponsor: Teva Neuroscience
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/01/10-03/31/11; $50,000

Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

PI: Comer, Grant
Sponsor: Centocor, Inc. TO Ocuscience
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 02/19/10-06/30/10; $24,000

PI: Gillespie, Erin
Title: Fibrocytes as a Potential Biomarker for Thyroid Associated Ophthalmopathy
Sponsor: Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 06/01/10-05/31/11; $38,000

PI: Zacks, David
Title: Preventing Photoreceptor Cell Death in Age-related Macular Degeneration
Sponsor: The Lincy Foundation
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 05/01/10-04/30/11; $100,000


PI: Dou, Yali
Sponsor: American Cancer Society
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 07/01/10-06/30/14; $720,000

PI: Ferguson, David
Title: Roles of Mre11 in Lymphocyte Development and DNA Repair
Sponsor: NIH  2 R01 HL 079118 06 A1
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 05/01/10-04/30/14; $1,466,520

PI: Maher, Christopher
Title: Characterization of Prostate Cancer Transcriptomes using Next Generation Sequencing
Sponsor: Prostate Cancer Foundation
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/19/10-04/18/13; $225,000

PI: Nikolovska-Coleska, Zaneta
Co-I: Stuckey, Jeanne (Biological Chemistry Dept) / Sun, Haiying (Int Med-Hematology/Oncology)
Sponsor: NIH  1 R01 CA 149442 01
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/01/10-01/31/15; $1,612,641

PI: Wilson, Thomas
Co-I: Yu, Xiaochun (Int Med-Molecular Med&Genetics)
Sponsor: NIH  2 R01 CA 102563 06 A1
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 08/01/10-07/31/15; $1,278,616

Pediatrics & Communicable Diseases

PI: Christner, Jennifer
Title: Schwartz Center Grant - Jenny Christner
Sponsor: Schwartz, Kenneth B., Center
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 05/01/10-04/30/11; $2,000

PI: Gaffney, Diane
Sponsor: AGA Medical Corporation
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/12/10-04/11/12; $59,214

PI: Hildebrandt, Friedhelm
Sponsor: NIH  2 R01 DK 068306 06
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 05/01/10-04/30/15; $1,612,094

PI: Shanley, Thomas
Title: CPCCRN Core Data Project (CCDP) / Parent: Colloborative Pediatric  Critical Care Research Network (CPCCRN)
Sponsor: NIH - Subcontracts TO University of Utah  U01 HD 049934
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 03/29/10-11/30/10; $30,900

PI: Shanley, Thomas
Title: Clinical Pertussis- Sub of Collaborative Pediatric Critical Care Network (CPCCRN)
Sponsor: NIH - Subcontracts TO University of Utah  U01 HD 049934
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 03/29/10-11/30/10; $46,350

PI: Shanley, Thomas
Co-I: Moler, Frank (Pediatrics-Intensive Care)
Title: Critical Asthma Mortality and Morbidity Planning Study(CAMMPS)
Sponsor: NIH - Subcontracts TO University of Utah  U01 HD 049934
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 12/01/09-11/30/10; $145,862


PI: Beg, Asim
Title: Activity-dependent Remodeling of the Corticospinal Motor System
Sponsor: The Hartwell Foundation
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/01/10-03/31/13; $300,000

PI: Isom, Lori
Sponsor: NIH  1 R01 NS 064245 01 A2
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 05/01/10-03/31/15; $1,463,380


PI: Swain, James
Title: Effects of Postpartum Depression on Mothers
Sponsor: NARSAD
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 07/01/09-06/30/10; $38,551

Radiation Oncology

PI: Feng, Felix
Sponsor: ASCO
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 07/01/10-06/30/11; $50,000

PI: Hamstra, Daniel
Title: Evaluation of the PI3K/Akt/mTOR axis for Radiation Sensitization
Sponsor: Prostate Cancer Foundation
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 06/01/10-05/31/13; $225,000

PI: Ljungman, Mats
Co-I: Simeone, Diane (General Surgery Section)
Sponsor: NIH  1 R21 CA 150100 01
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/13/10-03/31/12; $363,777


PI: Kilbourn, Michael
Title: GE Tech Transfer
Sponsor: GE Healthcare
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 02/18/10-12/31/10; $98,100

PI: Liu, Peter
Co-I: Francis, Isaac (Radiology Department) / Hoff, Carrie (UMH H.O. Core Radiology) / Liu, Peter (Radiology Department) / Morani, Ajaykumar (Radiology Department)
Sponsor: Bayer Corporation
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 11/19/09-03/18/12; $75,300

PI: Luker, Gary
Sponsor: NIH  1 S10 RR 028819 01
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/15/10-04/14/11; $939,608


PI: Dewyer, Nicholas
Title: Characterization of the Sterile Inflammatory Response in Deep Vein Thrombosis Resolution: The Interaction of Toll-Like Receptor and Notch Signaling Pathways
Sponsor: Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 06/01/10-05/31/11; $38,000

PI: Magee, John
Co-I: Resnicow, Kenneth (Hlth Behavior & Hlth Ed Dept)
Sponsor: HRSA TO National Kidney Fdn. Of Mi.
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 09/01/09-08/31/12; $169,625

PI: Mychaliska, George
Sponsor: NIH  1 R03 HD 062713 01
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/01/10-03/31/12; $149,405

PI: Pagani, Francis
Title: The Relationship of Sleep Pattern Disturbance, Depression, Cognitive Function, and Self-Care in Adults with Long-Term Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADs)
Sponsor: Johnson, Robert Wood, Fdn. TO Wayne State University
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 09/01/09-08/31/10; $8,707

PI: Teitelbaum, Daniel
Co-I: Brei, Diann (Mechanical Engineering) / Luntz, Jonathan (Mechanical Engineering)
Sponsor: NIH - Subcontracts TO MC3, Inc.
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 04/01/10-03/31/11; $35,000


PI: Roberts, William
Sponsor: NIH  3 K08 DK 081656 02 S1
Project Dates and Amount of Award: 03/19/10-02/28/11; $53,309


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Internal Medicine

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Radiation Oncology

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