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In this column I will be answering common questions asked by parents of students who have been admitted to the University of Michigan Medical School. As a member of the faculty, I am aware of the competitiveness of getting into any medical school, including this one. As a parent, you have every right to be proud of your student. Take time to celebrate this important accomplishment. It is one of life’s great moments both for your student and for you.

As your student embarks on the challenges of deciding which medical school to attend, your support is needed more than ever. Hopefully, I can provide some advice and perspective to help you along the way.

Kim Eagle, M.D.*

Q: Why might Michigan be a good match for my student?

Dr. E.: This is a question that I have heard from many parents. The medical school selection process is an eye-opener for both student and parent over a period of months. Where to go to medical school is a career-defining decision and it can have a big impact as a student makes their way toward their professional goals. Virtually all of the students who come to Michigan have been accepted at another medical school, and most of them at one of the top ten medical schools. The reason they come to Michigan is because it is such a remarkable place.

The Medical School is a community of diverse, intellectual, passionate people. It is a place that cares deeply about patients, colleagues, and the nurturing of the next generation. Our Dean is an expert in medical education. Therefore it should come as no surprise that the Medical School is continually improving its curriculum to meet an evolving demand for what medical students must learn and what the greater community demands of its physicians. The accepted class that matriculates this next year already looks incredible. Students who come to Michigan are the most talented, generous, well-traveled, intellectual people that you will ever meet. The chemistry of this school is remarkable. Michigan values teamwork, collaboration and respect above all else.

I wish you all the best as you help support your child in this decision. May they be well and happy in their choice.

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do in Ann Arbor?

Dr. E.: Ann Arbor is a wonderful place. The University of Michigan with its outstanding undergraduate colleges and terrific graduate schools attracts a myriad of interesting, intellectually challenging, and diverse individuals among the faculty and in the student body. Accordingly, Ann Arbor offers a very rich and diverse set of community activities. The restaurants scan the full range of possibility and are superb. The arts community in Ann Arbor is astounding. The second largest national art festival comes to Ann Arbor each summer. The summer film festivals are outstanding. The offerings through the University Music Society and the Ann Arbor Symphony are world-class. Of course, Michigan Athletics is tremendous with virtually top tier sports activities in the full range of men's and women's teams. There are ample places for physical activity both on campus and through regional health clubs. Perhaps most importantly, Ann Arbor is a University community that is easy to navigate and safe, with an ease of living and intellectual stimulation that continue to amaze me. Virtually anyone I have ever talked to who has come and spent time in Ann Arbor will say something like "this is an oasis." This is a place where one can feel safe and explore their social, intellectual, artistic, and community creativity in as many ways as possible. My own favorite things to enjoy in Ann Arbor are the wonderful restaurants, University athletic events and music series, and the Ann Arbor Symphony.

*Dr. Eagle has been a UM faculty member since 1994. He greatly enjoys his teaching of and direct contact with medical students both during the second year, and also during their third and fourth years. Dr. Eagle oversees the second year rotation that focuses on cardiovascular disease, and teaches third and fourth year students who rotate on the inpatient services. His personal interests include fly fishing, skiing, and traveling—especially in Italy! He and his wife Darlene are the proud of parents of Taylor.

Financial Aid Facts

A new year means a new FAFSA application cycle begins. While your student is considered independent when it comes to federal aid, you may be asked to provide income information in order for him or her to complete the application. This information is needed for your student to be considered for institutional low-interest loans and any need-based grants. Filing your income tax return as soon as possible is the best way to ensure your student will have everything he or she needs to submit an FAFSA form correctly.

For more information on FAFSA, visit

Here are some other common questions about financial aid at the University of Michigan Medical School:

Q: When is the school’s financial aid application available?

A: Like the FAFSA, our institutional financial aid application is available on January 1st. Please note that all admitted students are automatically eligible for recruitment scholarships—no application needed!

Q: Why does parental information need to be provided if my student is an adult?

A: We require parental information in order to help us equitably distribute institutional need-based grants. Without this information, your student cannot be eligible for this type of financial aid.

Q: When is the financial aid application deadline?

A: Financial aid applications are due no later than March 31st each year.

Q: How many students are awarded scholarships?

A: Our med school is one of the leaders in scholarship and grant disbursement in the country, with more than half of our students receiving one or both.

Q: Is it possible for my student to gain residency status?

A: Our Financial Aid office cannot grant residency status, however your student may contact the University of Michigan Office of the Registrar for more details about what this process involves.

Q: What other types of support is provided by the Financial Aid Office?

A: Our school enjoys a fairly small student body, which allows our counselors to provide highly personalized service. They are available for individual counseling sessions as needed, in addition to hosting several Financial Aid Wellness Seminars each year.

Also, every April we send out financial aid estimates to all admitted students. These estimates provide a clear outline to each student’s budget and financial aid options, and help students understand and plan for the financial side of med school.

Click on a quick overview of UMMS Financial Aid Facts or visit our Financial Aid Office website for more information on what other types of funding are available, or to contact us with questions.

All about Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is a fun, friendly city with a sophisticated, worldly vibe all its own. Delighting residents and visitors with her many gems, Ann Arbor welcomes the creative and curious. If you've never been here before, you'll surely be impressed by all the city has to offer. If you're more familiar with our fair city, then you know there is always something new to explore. Whatever your experience, Ann Arbor is a great place to be!

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