Family Centered Experience & Longitudinal Case Studies

The Family Center Experience (FCE) & Longitudinal Case Studies (LCs) is a required course in the University of Michigan Medical School curriculum. Through FCE, first- and second-year students engage in understanding the personal side of medicine through first-hand encounters with patients and their families. This knowledge base is expanded with the LCs, which are designed to empower students to explore the biomedical and sociocultural impact of disease through self-directed and small group learning.

The FCE and LCs unit is responsible for recruitment and retention of patient families, programmatic receptions and marketing, materials management, scheduling, and administrative support for FCE & LC lectures and small groups.

To learn more, please visit the Family Centered Experience website or contact a member of the staff listed below:

Heather Wagenschutz
Administrative Specialist

Phone: 734-615-4886
Fax: 734-763-6771

7330 Medical Science I

Faculty and Staff Directory (Family Centered Experience)