Fall 2008 Newsletter

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University of Michigan
Center for Organogenesis
109 Zina Pitcher Place
Room 2031A BSRB

Message from the Director

We need your help! The Dean has initiated a review program for all Centers in the Medical School, including the Center for Organogenesis. You will be receiving mailings asking for information about your center-affiliated activities. Please comply quickly and comprehensively with these requests. Help us demonstrate the degree to which the CFO provides a vibrant stimulus for collaboration, education and information sharing in the area of organogenesis! Thank you for all your help!

New Pre-and Postdoctoral Fellows in Organogenesis

A recent fellowship competition was held and seven new fellows have been added to our training program in Organogenesis:

  • Eiichi Miyasaka, M.D. (NIH Postdoc) with Dan Teitelbaum
  • Therese Roth, Ph.D. (NIH Postdoc) with Yukiko Yamashita
  • Melih Acar, Ph.D. (Non-Traditional Postdoc) with Sean Morrison
  • Rajesh Ramachandran, Ph.D. (Non-Traditional Postdoc) with Dan Goldman
  • John Petrie (NIH Predoc) with Ormond MacDougald
  • Ann Staubach-Gross (NIH Predoc) with Deb Gumucio
  • Kaia Skaggs (NIH Predoc) with Donna Martin
Congratulations to all and we look forward to working with you and your mentors in the year ahead!

Fellowship Competition

A fellowship competition will begin on October 15 for one NIH postdoctoral fellowship award. This position will begin on January 1, 2009. The deadline to submit your materials is December 1, 2008. Applications are available on our website. Please contact Becky for additional information at 936-2499 or rpintar@umich.edu

Organogenesis Journal Club Meetings

The Organogenesis journal club meetings began again on Sep 5 and are being held in room 2515 BSRB every Friday morning at 9am. Cathy Krull is chair of this group and has recruited a full and fantastic schedule of topic leaders. Everyone is invited to attend these meetings.

Organogenesis Website

Organogenesis has a new and beautiful website. Jean Eggertson, our former CDB web designer did a terrific job — many thanks to Jean for her hard work. Jean has now moved into a great position in the Med School’s Communications Office as their Web Project Manager, leading their group of webnuts into the future. Good luck to Jean in her new job!!!!


We are pleased again to share with you the outcome of this year’s Art Fair project. Although we didn’t have record sales this year, due to a bad booth location, we still made a good profit. Even though the weather was steamy, we still had lots of fun mingling with the public and answering questions. To thank all who helped out in this venture, we held a Bioart Thank You Luncheon on Thursday, Oct 2. A great lunch and raffle was enjoyed by all.

Bioartography is also expanding its influence. On August 2nd & 3rd, we presented the work at the Tawas City Art Fair and had many good opportunities to discuss important scientific issues with the public (e.g. the upcoming stem cell ballot initiative). We have also begun a collaboration with a representative of the Michigan Hospitals Association. As a result of that interaction, we will be presenting a talk and selling art at Munson Hospital in Traverse City this November. If you would like to be involved in this outreach project, please contact Becky Pintar in the Center office. Also, please don’t forget to send in your images! We are accepting images all year and would welcome all of your submissions! All work is juried by local artists. Instructions for submission are on our website. Remember, the person submitting a selected image gets 5% of the profits on sales!

Bioart Travel Grants & Awardees

The Bioartography fund sponsored a travel grant drawing this month and the following individuals received $500 to attend scientific meetings:

  • Elizabeth Gibbs (Predoc, Neuroscience Program) The American Society for Cell Biology Mtg in December, 2008.
  • Lou Chang (Predoc, Cell & Developmental Biology) The Society for Neuroscience Mtg in November, 2008.
  • William Brackenbury (Postdoc, Pharmacology) The Society for Neuroscience Mtg in November, 2008.
  • Akiko Terauchi (Postdoc, MBNI) The Society for Neuroscience Mtg in November, 2008.

Congratulations to all! Our next application deadline is January 1, 2009. Applications and instructions are available on our website:

Organogenesis of Complex Tissues (CDB 680)

This course is underway and all lectures are open to the public. All lectures begin at 8:30am. Please contact Becky Pintar for more information. Two modules are being held:

  1. Stem Cells and Organogenesis (9/2/08-10/7/08)
  2. Organogenesis of the Heart (10/9/08-11/6/08)
Stem Cell Lecture Module
9/2/08 BSRB Seminar Rooms Deborah Gumucio
9/4/08 BSRB Seminar Rooms Deborah Gumucio
9/9/08 BSRB Seminar Rooms Andrew Chervenak
9/11/08 2733 Furstenberg Sue O’Shea
9/16/08 BSRB Seminar Rooms Sean Morrison
9/18/08 BSRB Seminar Rooms Max Wicha
9/23/08 BSRB Seminar Rooms Gary Smith
9/25/08 BSRB Seminar Rooms Andrzej Dlugosz
9/30/08 BSRB Seminar Rooms Yukiko Yamashita
10/2/08 BSRB Seminar Rooms Gary Hammer
10/7/08 82813 Med Sci II Deborah Gumucio

Heart Lecture Module
10/9/08 BSRB Seminar Rooms Zhe Han
10/14/08 BSRB Seminar Rooms Mark Russell
10/16/08 2710 Furstenberg Didier Stainier (UCSF)
10/23/08 3813 Med Sci II Robert Wessels
10/28/08 2813 Med Sci II David Pinsky
10/30/08 BSRB Seminar Rooms Margaret Westfall
11/4/08 BSRB Seminar Rooms Daniel Michele
11/6/08 BSRB Seminar Rooms Mario Delmar

Organogenesis Seminar Series — Upcoming Lectures

Visit our Seminars page for updates on Upcoming Lectures.

Morphology Core — Updates and New Faces

Many of you have been waiting to hear about the Morph Core and its services. Thank you for your patience in our transition period. We are happy to tell you that a new Core manager has been hired Maria Ripberger who began on Sep 22. Maria comes to us with lots of experience from Cincinnati where she worked as a research assistant in the Center for Molecular Fetal Therapy at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. We’re very pleased that she has joined our team. Please feel free to stop in and say Hi!